Sunday, June 29, 2008


LAGOON... Jeremy's office won an incentive last week and the "prize" was a trip to Lagoon for Saturday night. I have always kinda make fun of Lagoon just because it reminds me slightly of the Eastern Idaho Blackfoot Fair, so I have been joking about it since I found out we were going. Jeremy has literally lost sleep about how excited he has been to go to Lagoon, as I have mentioned in other postings... he tends to revert back to a 12 year old mentality with many things... but this quality is actually one that I adore about him the most. We had so much fun with everyone!! We seriously have the greatest friends.

The most EXCITING part of this trip is that my mom came to visit for the weekend because my sister, Natalie, and her family are moving home from Florida so my mom is picking them up from the SLC airport on Monday. We already had this Lagoon trip planned and couldn't just leave her... so you guessed it... we talked her into coming to Lagoon with us. Anyone who knows me knows that my mom is my very best friend and ALWAYS has been. She makes everything so much more fun and spontaneous, so I couldn't have been more thrilled about her being a trooper and coming on this little outting with us! She had a blast and I think everyone loved having her there... she has a personality that makes you instantly love her. I LOVE YOU MOM, and had SOO much fun with you this weekend.

Many MERELY dream their whole life about walking out of Lagoon with a LIFE-SIZED stuffed animal tucked proudly under their arm... well... it became a REALITY for the CALLS saturday night. We were the envy of every child below the age of 11 on Saturday. Jeremy and I both won huge stuffed animals and couldn't have been more proud of ourselves and each other.. Jeremy won his pretty much for being so dang cute.. a 16 yr old girl with braces running a carnival game told him he could have a GRAND prize even after loosing the game several times... those BLUE eyes, dipples, and bright white will get 'em every time. I won a medium sized frog and my friend, Cassie, won this big one and wanted to switch... I was more than happy to! So neither Jeremy or I EARNED our grand prized, but we sure flaunted them WELL. What a blast... easy to have such a great time when you have such fun people around!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Anniversary Continued.....

Top picuture is last year at tower 19 in Newport, California right where we got engaged. The bottom picture is just a few days ago at the same tower for our 1 year anniversary.

So...I have the greatest husband ever.. let me explain.
Jeremy and I had our 1 year anniversary on June 16th. I honestly can't believe a year has already passed, its CRAZY!! I was debating for the last couple of months on what to get Jeremy for the big 1 year anny, and was struggling... and he came to me about a week before and told me not to get anything for him because he had something planned for the both of us for our anniversary. He did good about not telling me where we were going for a few hours, but broke down like he always does with "surprises" because he gets so excited like a little kid with things like this. He told me we were going on a "real quick" trip to Newport, California.... to go back were we got engaged last year. He couldn't miss work, so it was so fast... but it really didn't matter, it was absolutely perfect in every way. I can really say we had the most fun on this little get-a-way than any other we have been on. I have been thinking about the last year, and its amazing how much I have grown to love Jeremy more and more the longer we are married, people are right when they say... "IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER" ... right when I think I couldn't love him more... I DO. And I know it will continue to be that way always.

And here are the highlights (more detailed than most of you are probably interested in)....

  • Jeremy pulled up at the airport in California, while I was waiting by the bags, in a convertable Mustang he rented for us.

  • Right from the airport Jeremy drove to a nail salon and told me I was getting a pedicure and my toenails done. (He RELUCTANTLY gave in and got his first pedicure with me, and actually loved it... minus them cutting his toenails so short they hurt the rest of the trip.)

  • Ate dinner on the beach next to the lifeguard tower we got engaged by last year. I posted a picture of last year right after we got engaged by the tower and a picture of last weekend by the same tower... ok... I'm a cheesehead, but it was the highlight for me to go to that same spot and to remember how fun it was.. and the best part of it all was thinking about when we got engaged and how much we were loving life, and now thinking about it and recoginizing we had no idea at that time how great everything really would turn out to be. make sense???

  • Drove to LA for a little site seeing... and of coarse... a little SHOPPING, more than Jeremy was probably up for. He is such a good sport.

  • Went to LA Dodgers stadium and actually got to play catch ON THE FIELD.. this was definetly the highlight of the trip for Jeremy. I occassionally question if he loves me as much as baseball combined with a juicy hotdog.

  • Rode a tandum bike on the beach

  • Ate at "Billys"... such a fun resturant in Newport... and watched the Lakers/Celtics game while we ate.

  • Went to see what kind of late-night partying we could do on the beach, but actually ended up trying to stay as far away from all the parties that we saw happening... we really are sheltered Idaho folk... and so glad we are!!

  • Pretty much lost our voices every time we would get into the car with the top down. Jeremy and I both have lived pretty low-key lives, so this was a first for both of us to ride in a convertable, and good heck did we think we were SWEEEEET. Just cruis'n ... singing with our horrible voices at the top of our lungs... one of our favorite songs that came on was "PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC WHITE BOY"... we turned into 16 year olds again and I'm sure no one could tell we were "out-of-towners".

... This really doesn't explain how great it was .... and I couldn't never explain how great my sweet husband is. I'm so lucky... and try real hard to convince him that he's pretty dang lucky too! I always pictured my 1 year anniversary to be huge and memorable.. but I never pictured it being this great.

.... Don't worry... I'm not always this corny, I promise this is the last time I will husk the corn this bad on my blog! You have my word!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shower time

My mom, me, and a few family friends threw Lace a bridal shower and had a blast. She got tons of fun stuff... and I had so much fun with a few crafts I made for the mother-to-be.

This is a "diaper wreath"... I'm sure most of you have seen this idea or have done it yourselfs, but it was a first to me and I had so much fun making it!! Jeremy helped me with it a little, but mostly helped me by reassuring me it was getting cuter and cuter as I asked him how cute it was after each diaper or object was added! Lace loved it, but probably not near as much as I loved making it. Some things I attached after wrapping diapers all around the wire wreath with ribbon were: spoons, wipes, binkis, wash cloths, rattles, chew toys, fingernail clippers, baby lotion/powder, baby sunscreen, shoes, bibs, and a fewother odds and ends...

Isn't she cute!!!!!!! love you lace

Look at those shoes! Can you stand it?!

The shower was more like an open house and a light luncheon.

As you can see below, Lace had her baby a couple weeks ago. Baby Keaton is the greatest thing in the world. Lace and Jared are just lov'n life as a new little family!

Florida to see the Burtenshaws!!

I went to Florida last month to see my sister, Natalie, and her family and her new tiny sweet "miss Maya", I tell Nat every time I see her that I would take her family as my own and be completely happy and satisfied with life! I love her and her "little friends" so so much. Jeremy couldn't go with me this time because he was busy finishing up school and getting his office ready for the summer, but he is actually the one that got me the ticket and let me leave him for a week... something he said he will never do again.. being away from each other for a week was harder than we thought it would be! But I had a BLAST.. so thanks sweetie!!

Nat and John are always up for all kinds of adventures when we go to visit, you would think that a month after having a baby that Nat would want to stay in and rest a bit, but heck no... we were on the go non-stop!! A couple of these pictures are Nat and I on an AIRBOAT RIDE! Coolest thing ever! I have wanted to do this so bad the last couple times I have been to Florida, and Nat made sure I was able to see some naughty gators this go-round!! I must admit, I have a slight obession with aligators and crocodiles, I think its because I tend to watch the Animal Planet from time to time and seem to always catch the episodes when humans are being eaten/attacked, it freaks me out.. but at the same time makes me obsessed with wanting to see them and learn more about them... I know.. pretty lame. It was one of the coolest things I've ever done!! We saw a handful of gators, and a few baby ones that were actually pretty darn cute! We also saw some amazingly beautiful birds and a huge iguana.
We went to the beach a couple of times... and those of you who don't know my bro-in-law John, he has picked up a little modeling in his spare time, I was able to capture this amazingly natural pose of the model-to-be... hands off ladies... he's taken! You have to know John to appreciate that picture I'm afraid.
While at the beach, my nephews spent the day catching just about everything that has ever lived in the ocean and wanting me to hold everything they caught, there was quite a few little creatures I didn't dare touch... but there was one little friend I couldn't resist.

Love you Nat!! "very very .... much"

Just one of the many caught that day!!

This is me trying really hard to smile, even though I was getting the shiver-chills the whole time because of the gator just a few feet away in the water.. can you see his head???? Makes me itch just to think about it! It was awesome!

DANG.... He's too sexy for his shirt... to sexy it hurts!! Nat.. your one lucky lady! Your a moron John.. to say the least.

This little friend was caught by my nephew, Logan. Its
a blowfish! You can't believe how cute he was, I wish i
coule get a close up of him, this picture just doesn't do
him justice! And when they blow up... they get HUGE
and really spiky... its been so fun to be introduced to
a whole different world in Florida!

We couldn't be more excited they are coming home to live closer.. but we are going to miss going to see them! .... they keep saying that it is me and Jeremys turn to go somewhere fun so the family can come visit... WE WOULD LOVE TO.. and probably will.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


A few of us wives from Northstar went to breakfast a week before everyone spread across the nation to begin the bliss-filled life of summer sales! Only those of us who have "been there, done that"... know how hard it can be at times..but look at all the cute, fun friends we meet because of it! Its so worth it.. in so many ways. Love all you girls.. and hope your all doing so well! Only a few months left.. hang in there!!

Go ahead and try to tell me these aren't the two cutest pregnant ladies you have ever seen! I'm sure Kate (left) is looking at this picture doing barney jumps that she is on the other end of this experience by now... she had her little girl -Arleigh- a couple of weeks ago, although I haven't seen her in person yet, she looks beautiful in the pictures.. and how could she not be with a mom as beautiful as Kate. And Meradith (right)... she is due the end of July.. SO soon!!! Good luck with everything Care Bear Mer (its not quite as good as Cat... but it'll have to do for now meradith!)

A Northstar night out on the town at Texas Roadhouse Ü .. Jeremy is manageing a Home Security office in Salt Lake this summer. This is part of the crew after a long day knock'n.

My newest friends....




AREN'T they the greatest!! These are my triplet babies I had about 1 month ago.... OKAY... thats a huge lie!! I swear everyone seriously has BABY FEVER right now.. but I'm lov'n it... So keep them comin! These 3 are my newest friends.. The top baby is my sister Lacie and Jared's little guy... KEATON ISAAC DUMAS and he is a couple weeks old. And the little girl is my other sister Natalie and John's sweetie... Maya K Burtenshaw, she was born in march. The bottom little girl is Jeremy's brother Chase and Brookes sweetie, ADYSON SARA CALL, and she was born in April. We now have 14 nieces and nephews on my side of the family and 3 on Jeremy's side... and Jeremy's sister is having another one in November!! It amazes me how I love all of them differently.. but at the same time equally! They are the greatest things in the world!!!! We truely have the cutest families ever... if I may say so myself!!!!


For those of you who haven't seen me in a while.. Take a look at this.... can you believe it??? I cut 12 inches off about 9 months ago, so it has grown a little, but I am keeping it pretty short! SCARY.. but I have loved the change!! ....and want to go even shorter soon.. AHHH

Honeymoon in Cancun..

Moon Palace resort in Cancun

Had the time of our lives!!

PERFECT day...