Sunday, March 24, 2013

this thing still work?

 Blog World!!! It's been a while. A long while.

San Diego is still beautiful. Jeremy is still in law school. My girls are still so great, even when they make me crazy.  Life is good. Let's see if I can keep up on this ole blog a bit more often. :)

Ivory is 10 months, she is such a happy girl.. but when something doesn't go her way or if she gets hurt even slightly... watch out!!... the world might end.  'Fraid we have a drama queen on our hands, but that's ok, she really is the sweetest thing in the world.

London is fully engaged in her TERRIBLE TWOS!! She is such a little adult. Which is so fun, and so demanding at the same time. This girl is here to teach me patience, I'm sure of it! She is the funnest tiny friend though. I love being able to have a conversation with her. She tells me almost everyday that we're best friends... and almost in the same breath she tells me how mean I am. HA! I love this girl, way too much. How can she almost be 3 years old?!

Jeremy will be done with Law School in December and we have made a paper chain to count down the days. Ok, not really.. but mentally we really are. So excited to look forward to the phase of our lives beyond school, but seriously enjoying this paradise we live in. San Diego has been a dream, I know we'll always looks back and wish we lived here all our lives. hmm. maybe we will.

I've been taking care of sick kids my whole life. Right?!?! This winter has about DONE ME IN! And i hear I'm not alone! Holy throw up, running nose, cough, congestion, achyness. Insane. But we are all healthy and well for now. Knock on wood.

If I'm not wiping a running nose or doping my kids up on tylenol.. I'm sewing my brains out.
I've lost my brain and have started a little business. I make and sell leather baby shoes, baby and toddler bow and headbands, women's leather bracelet cuffs.. and who the heck knows what else. Don't laugh and me.. I've joined "that" world. I'm not looking to make it insanely busy.. unless each of you want to sew for me :)... I have just always loved creating and sharing my creations. I hate talking like that, sounds so dang cheesy, but I don't know how else to put it. Anyway, I'm excited. It's been fun, and all of my family and friends have been so cute and supportive. I'm just very blessed, in so many darn ways.

Here is my blog that I will be using more for craft, food, fun, and fashion ideas in correlation with my new website. Hope you'll hop over sometime and give me suggestions on what to put on it!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ivory Kate's Birthday Story

Ivory Kate Call 
May 24, 2012
6lbs 15oz
20 in


Just a few minutes before I was induced. Last picture of her in her nice and cozy place.

Dr. Leavett has let Jeremy catch London and Ivory. So awesome.

There really is NOTHING like this moment

 First family picture of 4 

 Meeting Grandma, Nat, and Maya for the first time

 newborns are the sweetest thing in this world.

 Just a few hours old

first day home

fuzzy iphone picture, but i love it of them both so much. 

Getting Ivory into the world was a pretty simple, fast, and painless process. 
I had almost forgotten how "out of this world" this whole experience is. 
Unbelievable, truly a miracle. Can't even talk or write about it without tears in my eyes.

I was induced, had an epidural, and pushed for 15 minutes. 
Both of my deliveries have been super easy for the most part.

About an hour after I had Ivory they put me in the tub and I got super light headed and dizzy, called a nurse to come in and passed out in her arms. When I woke up they had me in a wheel chair trying to get me into bed and I passed out again. My blood count was very low from loosing blood when I delivered in addition to already being anemic. So they gave me a blood transfusion and pumped me full of 500,000 gallons of fluid (pretty sure thats thee exact amount!) I felt great after the transfusion. 

Ivory was in the high risk zone for jaundice, so we had to use a bili blanket for her for the first week at home. Her jaundice cleared up and she was the absolute PERFECT BABY for the first week and a half of her life. AND THEN TERROR SET IT.. dun dun dun... we couldn't love her more, but she seriously is the fussiest baby that there ever has been. And don't you try to even compete with this over-exhausted, stressed out, over dramatic mamma!! Okay, I'm exaggerated a little, but she has been a bit of a beast the last 4-5 weeks. And it makes me so sad for her because I can tell her tummy is just causing her all sorts of trouble and pain :(  We have tried drops, oils.. the works, nothing seems to help, but we are hopeful she is going to turn a happy corner AT ANY MOMENT! Sooner rather than later Ivory, deal?   

Amazing how much you instantly love them without even knowing them. I look at my two girls and I could just die with happiness. I had no idea one person could feel as much love as I do for these two perfect people. And don't even get me started with how it makes me feel about my sweet husband. He's been through a lot the last month (i'll explain in a different post) and it just makes me want to squeeze him until he can't breath because of how insanely crazy I am about him. Makes me physically ill to think about living without him or having him or any of my kids in any kind of pain. We have seriously been way too blessed and watched over and my heart is bursting with gratitude for all the love and support and blessings we have experienced the last little while. 

London is LOVING being a big sister. She loves to shove/pry/twist the paci in Ivory's mouth any chance she gets, she loves to hold her and her lips would be glued to her face if she had a choice. I love seeing her with Ivory.. even though it makes me want to pinch her head off when she kisses her until it makes her cry :)  we're working on that

Life is good. We are blessed. I LOVE my family.
 I'm in love with my new Ivory. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

my mom

just simply the greatest friend in the world.

(don't they kinda look alike?!  people say that when we are out and about all the time!)

call it raging pregnancy hormones, but it was EXTRA hard to say goodbye to her this time. she is the easiest/funnest person to have around.. if you don't believe me ask my daughter who is absolutely in love with her. 
i already said this on facebook.. but she really is just a breath of fresh air! 
   its a good thing i get to see you in about a month, mom... or i might have to be put on meds. 
miss you terribly already. 
 love love love

Thursday, March 29, 2012

germs fam

We have been loving all our visitors this month!!  
LaNae & Aaron, and Lance & Nancy.. so good to have them here! 

Jeremy of course had a meeting and had to meet us at the beach, and we had his beach stuff with us, so he showed up like this. cutest over-dressed guy on the beach if you ask me :) 

we weren't expecting it to be near as hot as it was at the beach this day.. we were all dying and wishing we had our swimsuits on
lance and nancy bought D a coloring book and crayons... and thats what they were stuck doing pretty much the WHOLE time they were here. 

she wouldn't let aunt lanae out of her sight

we love you guys! thanks for coming!
 see you soon! 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Disneyland with Nat & Maya

Nat and Maya came to see us! 
I just can't get over how great it was to have them here! Every last second. 
We had a great time.. even though most of our time was trying to keep our two maniac girls entertained.. okay, mostly my maniac girl! 

the first day they were here, london found my red lipstick. 
what do you think, can she pull it off? this is just about how i feel like i look when i put it on so i guess like mother like daughter.

getting ready to hit the pool. the weather was PERFECT while they were here.

oh nat, this picture will please me for a lifetime. 
she sat on a reese peanut butter heart for 2 hours on our way to Disneyland without knowing. 
i can honestly say.. this might be the hardest i've ever laughed in my life. COULD.NOT.BREATH

we got our girls princess dresses and took them to Disneyland for the day. 

London is a bit obsessed with Minnie Mouse right now.. so I got her a "Minna" (as she calls her) dress 

she's crazy. seriously, out of control. 

Maya could not love Rapunzel more.. so we stood in line for about an hour to meet the cutest Rapunzel of all time. Doesn't she have the sweetest face? I didn't get a picture of Maya with her on my camera because I was taking them all with Nat's camera.. so i might  have to do a Disneyland part II update just for that! It was the sweetest thing ever to see Maya meet her. 

by the time Maya left i'm pretty sure some of D's Minna obsession had rubbed off on both her and nat. Muz left with minnie earrings, necklace and stuffed animal! 

using nats camera to take a picture of herself as she says "cheeeeessssse"  over and over.

We hit the jackpot because Londons second obsession is CARS. 
She about lost it when she saw lightening. Could her smile get any bigger?! is there anything greater than seeing your child THIS happy!?! 
when she saw him she kept saying 
"kachiga kachiga"like Lightening says.

gotta check out EVERY detail! 

this is the only day i took pictures of anything really. 
but oh.. it was so great. 
Natalie came and pretty much took care of us instead of the other way around. Cooked us DELICIOUS meals that we are still eating on, and spoiled D and I both way too much. 
But just having her around and all to myself was the best thing ever. I said this on FB already, but its so true.. I am totally the typical little sister that wants to grow up to be JUST like my two older sisters.
Truly my very best friends, and I could take their kids as my own in a heartbeat... all of my nieces and nephews for that matter.