Sunday, May 29, 2011

cute bday party

One of London's best boyfriends..
turned 1 !!!

And his parents threw THEE CUTEST party for him.
(this is dax eating a pig in a blanket.. aka.." an undercover cop")
we ate hamBURGLARS, ball and chains, and much more..
WANTED posters of all the kids that went to the party

finger printing station for the kids
things got crazy and pregnant robbers were running wild!

if london had to choose between Krystle or me being her mom...
well, i don't even want to think about who she would choose!
LOVES her, to say the least.

Corbin (dax's dad), painting this robber/cop picture... hilarious
Corbin (daxton's dad)

Call Cop Family
(keaton, dax, london)
all three of them eating dax birthday cake
(look at keaton.. he came as the joker, i couldn't get over it)
i'm afraid london tries to steal the show everywhere she goes..
i think she ate more of his cake than he did.

Christian might have had the best costume there.. or at these the "most daring costume"..
courtney's spandex look amazing on you christian.

we had so much fun celebrating his birthday. what a sweet boy, and what sweet parents his has!

And of course...
here are just a few random pictures from the last few weeks

Have a great Memorial Day tomorrow friends.

P.S. Most of my family is coming a week from tomorrow.. don't everyone scream at once with excitement!! OHHHH, i can't wait!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


how can i be this old?
but if birthdays are like this year... keep bringing them on!

my girlfriends had a surprise party for me a few days before my birthday and we all went to dinner and they spoiled me rotten.

(they made me do a bday dance after dinner outside of the restaurant)

sydney, courtney, me, katie, krystle, erin

personalized menu. cute.
jeremy took this picture of all the girls surprising me. super fuzzy picture.
but so sweet of these friends of mine!

i spent my actual birthday with germ and d, and it was a perfect day.
life is good.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

mothers day.

Jeremy's parents came to visit over Mother's Day weekend.
So fun to have them.
London was in HEAVEN. 
She just loves her gma/gpa Call! 

Lance's beast of a burger.

before church on mothers day

Thanks for coming. It's always fun to have you guys :)

London is officially WALKING.
its crazy, and actually really exciting (i know.. i'll be eating my words eventually with the "exciting" talk, but for now, the newness of it is super fun)

I thought I would do a little update on her since it's been a while, and I want to remember what she was doing at her 1 year old mark! 

*she says "what's that" to just about everything.
*she is starting to point to everything when i ask her where something is.. 
her nose, light, mom, dad, Jesus (points to the picture of him)
*she is quite possibly the WORST eater EVER. pretty much hates everything, and throws a not so tiny fit every time i put her in her high chair
*has been LOVIN whole milk (thank goodness or she might be starving to death)
*barks like a dog when she sees a dog... or any animal for that matter
*she has 3 new teeth coming in (that will make a total of 7!)
*loves drinking out of a straw
*sleeps 12 hours at night, and still takes 2 naps
*loves to go to any and everyone.. not even the slightest bit shy
*loves to be read to and LOVES when i make animal noises 

so, to sum it up.. she's pretty much the greatest thing ever. 
even though i want to pinch her tiny bottom every time i have to put her in her high chair to attempt to feed her. :)

can't believe summer is here, just saying those words make me SMILE!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

girls night

is there anything better?
i think NOT!

erin's cousin owns a restaurant/lounge in Pacific Beach and he was SO NICE, and hooked us up with a rooftop-ocean view table, not to mention a free meal for all of us.

we laughed way too hard. nothing more therapeutic.

why do you automatically turn into the 18 year old version of yourself when your with your girls? i love it.
thanks for making this happen Erin.
so fun.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's SWEET to be 1

She's 1!!!!!!
Can't believe it.

and we had a sweet time celebrating.. 

There are a few bare spots on the table because I got these pictures before the cupcakes and 
fruit shish kabobs were out! darn it.
big thanks to shelley from for the inspiration!!

We had a yogurt/fruit/granola bar to try to offset the sweet overload.

ginormous THANKS to Courtney for helping me pull this off. she kept me sane and organized :)

Like most kids, London's FAVORITE thing in the world is to be outside just playing..
so we took her to the beach and played on the grass for a couple of hours with her and she was in heaven. She taking TONS of steps on her own.. pretty much walking these days. 
I just can't believe how in love with her I am. It almost hurts :) 

We couldn't be more lucky to have the friends that we have. They really are our family here.. and treat London like she is their own. We love them all, and feel so blessed to call EACH of them our friends.

We played "london bridges falling down".. aka.. Limbo to a little Fergie music :)

I also took a picture of everyone who was at the party and had them write a note to London and I'm going to print their picture and put it next to their note so she can look back and know who was at her party and know how much she was loved. 

Jeremy and I were talking the other night and decided that, hands down, this has been the best year of our lives. Incredible how such a small person can bring such an enormous amount of joy and happiness into our lives. She is the happiest little girl (besides her newly found fit throwing she has decided to pick up lately). I love her more everyday, and just can't believe she's OURS. 

Happy Birthday sweet little friend.
We love you London!