Sunday, August 23, 2009

celebrity look-alike: part II

So on my last post, most of the comments consisted of people making comments about how y'all thought it was going to be one of those "real" celebrity look alike gigs, and that you thought it would be about my husband- because apparently everyone seems to think he looks like at least one of these 3 celebrities..
EVERYWHERE we go.. he hears "you look JUST like ______" 
*go figure, i get MELMAN, he gets foxy men*

Gerard Butler
(i don't know if I see this one, i guess VERY slightly)

Daniel Craig
(don't see this one AT ALL)

Clive Owen
(TOTALLY agree with the resemblance here)
*this is the one he gets the most*
So.. what do you think?? 
Do you see it??

Another one bites the dust..
went home today.
They are dropping like flies.
We went to the gardens one last time before we sent her on her way last night.
Coop has become quite the football player.. this is him "tackling" Jeremy,
and if the ball drops he yells "fumble". His sweet tiny voice is one of my favorite things EVER!
and thank goodness he had the umbrella-ella-ella out and ready for anything the whole time we where there, even though there was no rain in sight ;)

.. and of coarse Carter...
"the perfect, happiest baby i've EVER been around"
i'd take him as my own

we ended the night with a little TACO BELL run at 12:30 in the A.M.!!
its been YEARS since I have eaten at Taco Bell,
and i truly had forgotten how life changing their CHALUPA's are. 

I'm off to Idaho!
Hope to see some of you, okay.. LOTS of you, while I'm there!!
Have a great week!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

my celebrity look alike?

I OFTEN get that I have a familiar face... 
honestly someone says that to me about once a week.
As far as celebrities go.. I USE to get Alanis Morissette (thank heavens that one hasn't surfaced in about 
8 years!)
.. and on  frequent occasions I get a comment that I resemble "kate"from "lost".. never have seen it, don't even know what she looks like.. but if she follows suit to my other look alikes.. plastic surgery is in my NEAR future plans

But the best "look alike" was discovered by my observant hubs when he saw the below picture of 
sometimes we sit and take glam shots just for fun.. like this one..
don't hate... congratulate.. you know you're jealous of how photogenic we are.
(have you ever seen a more disgusting picture) 
Now.. back to business.. WHO do you think I resemble in this picture?
(hint: its not jennifer aniston, close though)
well.. according to my husband.. 
(from madagascar)
I'm gonna have to give him props on that one.. i can totally see it, finally.. a look alike i agree with! 

As I've mentioned recently.. Brooke (my SIL) is leaving us the day after tomorrow to enter civilization again.. 
I'm gonna miss havin her just around the corner.
For her last hooray in Indy.. she chose to hit the ZOO with all us girlies one more time!

Dolphin show

why does this little trick never get old with me? ok.. so i'm 14 still. 
(i taught the girls how to make hillbilly teeth out of mamba candies)

 a bit more dignified...

Now for the flavor of the day..
Save'n a lil treat for all you la-dee's out there... 
i felt selfish just savoring this for myself while i was people watching at the zoo today
Jeremy's birthday is in a few months.. i'm considering these little numbers. 
help me decide?!! 

Oh how i'll miss seeing this sweetest of sweet faces everyday. 
Love you my sweet girl.
we'll miss you brooke & ady
*see you soon*

Sunday, August 9, 2009

there is just nothing like..

Have I mentioned we have the GREATEST friends out here?! well.. we do!
We get the "crew" together every Sunday for some kind of shindig.

This Sunday "TexMex"..aka.. 
Betty & Cam 
had us over for HOMEMADE cafe' rio salads!
(i dare say.. better than the real ones!)
thanks guys.. that was a lot of work!

Then we played the "newlywed" game.
.. and the newliest newly-weds won.. congrats to josh & amanda.
Caleb's frustrated/demon-istic/possessed
 expression is my favorite in this picture. ha.
cam, germ,chase,josh,caleb
Jere showing off Betty and Cam's artwork salads

After the newlywed game.. and a few rounds of mafia

And once again Cass pulls through with her amazing dessert
(someday i'll be able to bake like her. Jeremy wishes! 
Everything she makes is DELISH!)

Cassi is getting into photography and she got a new lens for her camera, so while we were at the "gardens" she took a few pictures of Jeremy and I, and Chase, 
Brooke, & Ady.. she has learned everything on her own and is doing SO well. 
Great job Cass, we love them!
Check her blog out where she has posted more of her work here

took this picture below of all of us at the "gardens" I have talked about.. gorgeous place right?! 
photography is actually Betty's profession, and she is AMAZING..
love her classical/timeless style.
Check her out here

We stay at the gardens and rotate between
football/baseball/ultimate Frisbee
until its dark.. 
then we head back to the apartments for more games and an occasional
MOLLOW ROASTIN around the stove.

The girls

Couples foot race
I don't want to brag, so I won't tell you which couple won. 
(coop actually won.. look at him take the lead!)

Gosh, where has this summer gone? I usually can't wait for the summer to be over so I can have my husband back full time.. but I'm legitimately sad its coming to an end this year! Jeremy and I are constantly saying this summer has been so different.. so great in every way
We only have one more week with most of them.. I could cry, oh yeah.. I prolly will. 
 We are staying for the extension until October, and are excited at least a few of our amigos will be stayin with us!

but.. no frets nor frowns.. 
most of us will be reunited in the BAHAMAS in October! what what!!

Hope your all having a fantastic summer.. 
and get the par-tay started in here..
cuz I'm comin to Idaho for a while the end of AUGUST...
so excited!!