Wednesday, February 17, 2010

valentines day in ..


my valentine.

valentines day dinner


we went snorkeling in a cave

28 weeks! last trimester! bring it on!

getting ready to zip line & repel through the jungle 
ridiculously fun.. 

this pose below was harder to pull off than it looks..
hence the strained/forced smile
but look at that bell-eh!!! 
she's growing a ton every week. i love it

hope you all had a LOVELY valentines day with your sweet friends.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

how great are "true" friends?!
they just don't come around often enough do they?!
 ... you know the kind that you don't have to see very often, but then when you do everything feels like "home". 
thats how i feel about these two cute girls... 
my two best friends from high school.
i have known holl & have been besties with her since kindergarden
 (even if a few other girls tried to claim her "best friend" title from time to time along the way. ha)
and then i met cole our sophomore year.. and i immediately felt like I had known her all my life. 
the three of us were inseparable..
and looking back its funny we found each other and stuck together.. because we didn't have to terribly much in common. all ends of the spectrum really. 
(well, according to what defines you as a person in "high school" anyway!)
holl was always a cheerleader
cole was a dancer
and i played sports
 but maybe that's why it worked.. and has always worked. different enough there has never been competition.. but very similar when it comes to the truly important aspects of life.
whatever it is.. i'm so incredibly grateful to call these cute girls...
"my girls"
happy 27 cole
so glad we got to spend part of your birthday with you!
love you!
(cole, me, holl)

Cole's mom, Judy, has always been "MOM" to all us girls... we just love her.
fun to see you today judy.. 
and my statement from when i was 16 still stands about your candy drawer..
"i don't ever want to see this thing empty again!!!"

some of my FAV pictures of the three of us..
(i stole them from your blog judy :) thanks)
we were sophomores here
(cole driving, me in the middle, and holly on the back)

aren't we such natural beauties gazing off in various directions ?!
.. this picture is proof enough of why we couldn't keep the guys away.
gosh we're hot

love you girls.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

he's a good one.

talk'n bout  
my friend.

he was gone all day today, and on his way home he called and told me to get did up.
we went to carinos (our fav), and he had a table in the back reserved for us with flowers, 
a gift (a watch), and all the food hot 'n' ready for us. 

just cute.

nights like this remind me of why i feel in love with this cute person
.. and makes me feel like we are dating again..
 i love it. 
i love him.
when i asked him what this was for he said
"well, i guess cuz your pregnant"
i'll take it!

he is not perfect, heaven knows i'm not perfect (don't tell him i admitted that :) ha!), our relationship is not perfect, our lives are not perfect..
but we DO love each other, SO MUCH, and that is something to share and celebrate! 
i'm so lucky.. blessed to have this guy. 

... germany has a BIG BIG BIG day this saturday...
he is taking the LSAT (law school admittance test)
so pretty much.. this saturday will determine where we will be the next 3 years!! 
he'll do great.. he has studied A TON.. and has done all he can do!
so proud of him already.

wish him (us) luck.. 
we'll NEED it!