Friday, March 5, 2010

birthday, crafts,

Miss MAYA turns 2!!
love this girly squirrel. 
i ask her to smile for the camera.. and this cheeser is what i get. 
i love it. she kills me. 

What have i been up to??? 
i thought you'd never ask.
i've had a bit of time on my hands lately.. 
so i've been..

crochet'n a few new born hats...
 this one is all ready to take to the hospital the day she is born :)

sew'n a few rag quilts...

bling'n out a few paci's 

... and of coarse making holders for the paci's... 

crocheting a few flowers to go on hats, use as broaches, put on purses....
and whatever else needs a little spice

i had a cute little old lady poke holes in a couple of receiving blankets and then I crocheted the edges
... she also did bibs and burp rags for me.. 

with jeremy's parents to 
we headed out last weekend to catch a little warmth.. and weren't disappointed.
gosh i could get use to that weather in the winter!

playing tennis outside, at night, in february..
gotta love it.
(don't judge my form.. i'm 7 months pregs..  
 i'm still working on an excuse to use when i'm not pregnant anymore)

We rented a condo for a few days, 
had so much fun with Lance & Nancy!
we love you guys!! 

have i mentioned i love my friend? 

Nancy & I outside Brigham Young's winter home

Jeremy & his parents

Update on this cute person:
he got his LSAT score back, and did better than he was even expecting
(better than he did on any of his practice tests)  
takes so much pressure off where he wants to get in to school.
so.. he has applied to about 8 schools and we will find out probably in a month to a month and a half where we will be. I can't wait to know and start this new huge adventure. 
so so so proud of him.

and a BABY GIRL update..
we had an appointment at 30 weeks, and my stomach was measuring about 2 weeks behind so the dr wanted to do an ultrasound to measure her from the inside.. 
i'm not going to lie.. before the ultrasound i was pretty bummed out.. no one wants to move their due date back 2 weeks right?! even 1 day makes a difference at this point, agreed? 
luckily.. she measured within 1 day of my due date and everything looks fabulous :) she weighs over 3 lbs!  so we are right on track to have this little girl the beginning of may!! coming so soon! and its a good thing its not too terribly much longer, or i think jeremy would disown me because of my complaints and whines about my back hurting constantly
 ... lets be honest.. pregnancy is not easy on the woman OR the man!   what a trooper i am married to!
she moves so much and so violently that it wakes me up at night.. and she has hiccups at least 1x a day (she had them while we were doing the US also, crazy)  
we are in love with her already. 

how much am i loving this 40 degree weather?!
only us Idahoans could appreciate 40 degrees right?
oh how i am ready for spring!!  

here's to bringing on the sunshine and warmth!!