Monday, February 13, 2012

San Fran

 Jeremy had a quick business trip to San Fran a couple of weeks ago, so D and I tagged along. 
I have been once before, but it rained the WHOLE time, so I didn't do any site seeing at all..
So this time we got it all in.
I must admit, I LIKE it there, but I'm not in LOVE. 
It was fun to see the sites and downtown, but I might be okay with not going back.
I'm more of a SoCal girl.
I love that I'm SO from Idaho, and I just called myself a SoCal girl.


Fisherman's Wharf 

 I can't even get over this picture of bubba d and her dad. 
oh, makes me so crazy how great they both are.

Ghirardelli Square

Ghirardelli Chocolate. Heaven in a bite. 

Golden Gate

 Rainbow Bridge

 It was freezing the night we walked around, but London was a trooper the whole trip...
but I'm not sure we left our hearts in San Fran :) 

Now for the goods. 
Oh, I just love posing for those pregnancy bell-eh shots. 
I just can't quite find a pose that I can feel comfy and cozy with.. so I end up just making fun of myself until it makes Jeremy crazy and he throws the camera against the wall. 
Well, he would like to anyway. 
And so would I after looking at the end product. 

Pregnancy Update:
I was so greenly sick for the first 3 months, and felt like I might be a home bound, anti-social outcast forever..
but at about 15 weeks, the fog started to lift and I slightly started to recognize myself again.
And now I feel really good actually. 
Food is my best friend.
I'm starving ALL .THE. TIME.
Why is ANY AND EVERYTHING edible just so much more delightful when you're pregnant? 
Gosh, I could really use Krispy Kreme just sitting here talking about it. 

attempt at a 22 WEEK belly shot.

This is as good as it gets for the (almost) 25 WEEK belly shot. 
London loves "hugging and kissing" my stomach. 
She always points to, and pats my belly and says,
"shhhh, bebe seepy"

isn't it tragic how picture deprived my child is?! 
she is going to feel so unloved when she goes to find baby pictures of herself when she is an adult. 
poor girl. 
how could i not capture this face as much as possible though. 
she's just the greatest good one of all time ;) 

21 months