Thursday, May 27, 2010

birthdays & stuff

lots of birthdays that have been celebrated around these parts.. 
my pictures are not in order.. and i'm too lazy to re-arrange them

just a few pictures of the two cutest people in the world
(is her flower too small??? i'll work on finding one a bit bigger for the next picture :) )

my dad "cradling" Parker, the oldest grandson

happy 27th to me!
 and it was a happy one! 

this is the cake before.. 
... and after... 

still cleaning it out of my sinuses 

happy 2nd birtday keyster

lacie's dragon fly cupcakes

oh hi. you're cute

some of the girls met for lunch. 
so fun to catch up and have them meet london
thanks so much for the laughs.. and the fun gifts, love them! 

happy 89th birthday grandma huls!

a few of my siblings meet at carinos for a little birthday bash for me

after my birthday dinner

and the big finale... 
my friend surprised me with this fantastic treat.... 
ive signed up for classes and im ecstatic about getting rolling with my new hobby.
watch out for picture overload.. as if i wasn't bad already! 

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Monday, May 24, 2010


thanks again for some beautiful pictures CHRISTIE!! 

our little girlfriend was a tiny toad on picture day! she cried 95% of the time.. but Christie still managed to get some perfect pictures of her... even though we didn't get to do half of what we wanted to! thats okay.. plenty of time for plenty more pictures! and we LOVE the ones we did get!

we are in love with this tiny person.. more than we ever thought we could be. 

Friday, May 14, 2010

a few pictures..

believe it or not.. i have been horrible about taking pictures since London was born.. a few other things pre-occupying my time i guess :)  
oh but don't worry she's scheduled to get pictures taken next week!
but here are a few i have taken yesterday and today of our sweetest person

people are saying she looks like jeremy?! she totally has his mouth..i love it! but i don't see him in the rest of her.. she changes everyday. 

not the cutest face she has ever pulled.. but my mom and i were laughing at her zoolander expression.. she does this all the time.
knock on wood.. but she has been the best baby so far. she slept from 11-4 last night. crazy. she's taken it really easy on us the last 2 weeks. 
thanks sweet friend, for breaking us in slowly. 

Monday, May 10, 2010

meet our favorite girlfriend..

May 2, 2010 @ 6:22pm
 6lbs 3oz   
19.5 in
we couldn't be more in love. obsessed.
london meeting aunt nat and lace, and g&g huls for the first time
my sweet girl a few minutes old
first family picture. 
g&g huls
couldn't be more proud! 
Dr leavitt let jeremy pretty much deliver London, he caught her and got to cut the cord. 
probably the sweetest thing in the entire world watching my favorite person bring my other favorite person into this world. unreal
one of my favorite pictures ever.

first mothers day
caught a tiny smile. 
1 week old
4 generation picture
sometimes i have to set her down and walk away for a few minutes or i'll bite her cheeks off! 
oh i can't get enough.
grandma call
great grandma huls

aunt lanae
(notice the cute quilt draped over her car seat.. THANKS so much chels!! we love it!!)

laying in the sun
just about to leave the hospital
i THOUGHT i loved him before all of this...
clip'n her nails the day we got home from the hospital
getting ready to head home.
first car ride
aunt lanae & uncle aaron
london & macy
2 weeks apart
almost caught another smile
can't even look at these two without tearing up. love love love

grandma giving london her first bath. 
some people are so good at putting into words how they feel.. and expressing their emotions in a way that capture the true experience of things. i'm not one of those people. and i couldn't begin to explain the FLOOD of emotions and LOVE i have for my little family and the miracle we have just experienced. all i know is that bringing this sweet, perfect life into this world is not OF THIS WORLD.. truly a miracle, and the greatest blessing i could have ever imagined. 
short version of the labor and delivery..
i was induced sunday morning (may 2) at 5am. they put me on pit right when i got there, but i didn't really start feeling contractions until about 11:30, asked for my epidural at 12:30.. and i have never in my life slept as well as i did from 12:30-6:00 that day, they checked me at 6pm and i was ready to push.. only pushed for 2o minutes. couldn't have asked for a better labor and delivery. 
dr leavitt is amazing. he coached jeremy for about 20 minutes before i delivered London on how to catch her and what to do as she was coming out.. so he pretty much let jeremy deliver her and then cut the cord. he couldn't even see he had tears in his eyes the whole time, and i had a hard time focusing on pushing because of how cute my husband was being about the whole experience. i'm so lucky.. so blessed, and so far beyond grateful. 
for sure the most spiritual experience i have ever been through. i have never been more humbled by anything in my life, and have never felt more thankful to my father in heaven for trusting me and jeremy with this perfect sweet spirit.  
just looking and thinking about her makes me want to be a better person, a better friend, a better wife, daughter, sister... 
the spirit that London has been in our home since we had her is unexplainable, and is the most comforting and pure feeling i have ever felt. 
i love my husband, oh my sweet friend, i just look at him holding her and my heart could just burst. what a lucky little girl to have a father that is so in love with her that he would sincerely do anything for her happiness. 

amazing how your whole world changes in an instant.. and you wouldn't change that new world for anything.
life is SO great

thanks so much for all the sweet comments, texts, calls, and letters of congrats. we are so blessed to have such amazing friends and family!