Tuesday, October 26, 2010


(one of my bff's from high school)

there is just something about your best friends from high school.
they know a part of you that no one else really knows.
they are the people who saw you experience a lot of the things that will shape the person you will become.
just seems routine to burst into tears from laughter every time your with them
no matter how old you get, when you are with them, you revert back to a 15 years old.
i love cole, she is just a sweet person, she will always be one of my favorite people.

how about the LAME-O weather we had while she was in "sunny" california
we didn't hit the beach much.. but hit the shopping hardcore.
cole made out with a whole new wardrobe.
and just like 3rd graders.. we bought twinner outfits as you will see in our bff pictures below.

oh my, the countless times nicole and i have been asked to model.
its just unreal.
since high school.. and now late into our 20's.. its really getting out of hand
 when pictures similar to these below got into the hands of some big wigs.. we couldn't get them off our perky tails.
but i'll tell you what i told them, and continue to tell them.. 
i am perfectly content being a low key, stay at home mom. 
don't call us, we'll call you. 

.. just a few head shots we thought we would tease you with..
(if you look closely, you can see cole's face glistening with tears. haven't laughed this hard in.. um.. i don't even remember)

oh, and all you girlies out there that went to 
sears, jc penney, etc., 
to get your BFF pictures taken in high school.. 
these are for you!
you've got nothin on Cole and I's in house photo shoot
at age 27.
twinner outfits and all!
 *even though its a battle to choose, 
the bottom right has to be my fav.. OR the creepy black/white sister-wife pose.*
now, don't sit there and let the green eyed monster of jealousy take over.. 
grab your best friend, and copy cat why don't-cha?!

M.A.S.H anyone?
as in 
i just feel really good about Cole's future now that we have left it in the trusting hands of our old friend MASH. i'm itching at the bit to meet your purple unicorn, and see you flourish as a professional cheerleader, and meet your underwear model husband.

i love you cole
thanks for coming.
thanks for the laughs.
come again next month?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

gma/gpa call

Germ's parents came to see us this weekend!
We had a ball! 

 we packed a TON in with the little time we had.

Swap Meet
Coronado Beach/Island
Ruth's Chris (so divine, can't be put into words!)
Took them to see the SD temple and Jeremy's NEW law school they are about finished with in Downtown San Diego!

.... and of course...

Happy Birthday Cute Person
I love you.

Thanks for coming Lance & Nancy!!
And thank you for all you did, and always do for us.
We miss you already.
 Love you.