Sunday, April 26, 2009

COUG GRAD ...and new adventures!

Germ germany germ germany germ.. germ.. germ, geru!

Graduated from BYU this past week.. and I couldn't be more proud of this cute person. We have had so much fun in Provo.. but are ready and excited to move on to a different phase in our life... and I'll keep you updated when I'm updated on that next phase ;) .. only partly kidding...

Jeremy plans to start his MBA in the fall, as well as, pursue some business ideas at the same time. We said goodbye to Utah pretty permanently, and are hoping to end up in North Carolina for a couple of years starting in the fall.. and couldn't be MORE excited about it! We lived in NC for a few months right after we got married and it was GORGEOUS.

We are SO excited about living in new places and meeting new friends (although we will miss our Utahans! .. especially those at Jeppson Dental!!)

Yes, sad about being far away from family.. but they have ALL promised to come visit, and I'm one persistent lil bugger.. so I'll get em all here! .... and you all know how we CRAVE visitors.. so get your trip planned whether it is to Indianapolis this summer or North Carolina in the fall!

Try and tell me this isn't the yummiest-faced coug grad you have ever seen!

Congrats person of mine, so proud. Love, Luff, Luv you.

After we had Jer's little graduation celebration, I asked him what he wanted to do.. and this is what he chose... to shoot hoops and act like morons at a park right by our house. We played 1 on 1 and horse FOREVER.. and for the lack of time.. if you really want to know who won horse, leave me a comment and I'll get back to ya. ha.

Jeremy couldn't come to Idaho falls with me last weekend bc he was finishing up some finals, but I went to get our car fixed and to kinda say goodbye to my fav people. It was so refreshing to be with them.. and to be able to be OUTSIDE the whole time... making tinfoil dinner.. playing tennis..having josh try on my one piece Christmas jammies...and a little 4-wheel'n... and of coarse squeezing and smothering my sweetest nieces and nephews!

And we're off!!

On our way to live in INDIANA for the summer, where Jeremy will be selling home security,... we stopped in


What an amazing, humbling, and sacred experience. I wish I could put into words the feelings and thoughts that were going through my mind and heart just being in that sacred place, and being next to that incredible temple! Jeremy and I both had tears in our eyes pretty much our entire stay in nauvoo. The town has not been very modernized and I think that was the neatest part about it... we could almost imagine what it was like as the original temple was being built. Although, I can't even imagine the pain and heartache the saints endured through that grueling time. The statue of Joseph and Hyrum on their horses looking toward the temple was a powerful reminder of what they endured for the members of the church then, and all of us now. My testimony of Joseph Smith and the restored Gospel was renewed and strengthened tremendously after this experience. Its a "MUST SEE" place to visit.
NEXT... we stopped in


Shopping central! Oh my good heck... that place is GINORMOUS! I have always wanted to go to Chicago, and now I know why! We ate at Gino's East.. known for its chicago style deep dish pizza... OMGOSH!!!!!!!!! Pretty sure that is the 8th world wonder. Ridiculously good, and well worth the hour and half wait... plus... you can write all over the walls while you wait!
It rained SO very much the day we were there, so Jeremy was on the verge of depression meds because the Cubs game was cancelled, poor guy. We'll def be back for a game and some more shopping.. and hopefully OPRAH!

We made it to Indy.. and are SO excited to be here.
We took a long drive today to get associated with our summer homeland. It was a beautiful day, and its so GREEN and beautiful here. We both love visiting and being in new places, so we are so so excited about our little 4-5 month stay in Indianapolis. We feel so blessed just to have each other, as cheesehead as that sounds. As I was sitting here thinking today about how different it will be not going back to Utah in the fall.. I just got a peaceful feeling when thinking that it really doesn't matter where we go.. because it will be together, and I'll always have my friend with me. WOW.. are you sick yet? .... please don't stop reading/visiting my blog because of that sappy comment, I'll keep it clean from here on out (for the most part).

We love all of you and feel so grateful for great friends, and AMAZING families. Come see us!

Monday, April 13, 2009

busy. fun. family. happy easter.

Lots been going on.. and it doesn't seem to be slow'n down.
I'll keep it brief.

My MIL & FIL(Lance, and Nancy) & Chase, Brooke, & Ady came to see us a couple weekends ago. Love them, and we missed Lanae & Aaron and their kiddies! 

k.. i could water up just writing this, but i had to say goodbye to a couple of my girls! My last day of work is officially tomorrow, but Nicole was going out of town and Savannah had her last day last week.. and i can't even express how bad i'm going to miss these cute girls and my job. Dr Jeppson is seriously one of the best people I have ever worked with, and I would HIGHLY recommend him as a dentist to anyone... and YES... i am blog advertising for him.. even though my last day is tomorrow! let me know if you need to contact him! 

I introduced mister to freshly squeezed lemonade! look at his expression.. kinda mean... but priceless.

and even after that he still likes me! 

I hadn't seen my sister, Natalie, in over 3 months. It was so good to re-unite the Huls sista's.  
all of us with straight hair. what what!!! 

Easter was wonderful with both families.

My niece Brianne

Lace made her famous sugar cookies, and posed for a foxy pic in between her hard work

Davey Crockett showed up on Easter! My nephew Kaegon LOVES his rat tail hat.. wears it everywhere. love that kid

Layton..aka..Hoatie    posing with his football
his quote about flag football "its so easy for me!" ha. 

Just in case you were wondering.. my friend is still cute. Blood shot eyes and all! 

MORGAN, my niece, got baptized this past weekend. I didn't have my camera that day.. so I had to use this picture from Halloween to show her cute face. We are so proud of Morgan and love her so much.

Ady turned 1!!!!
Her party and Easter egg hunt was fab.
Can you even believe her cute face?! so glad i will be seeing LOTS more of her this summer!!!

Germ had a few days of soul searching and thought for a minute he might want to try out the biker mustache.. he quickly repented and shaved the wretched thing! 

head'n home

We had a great time in Idaho.. it had been over 3 months since we had been home to visit.. so it was so very refreshing and great to see our fam's.  
We had family pictures taken for BOTH families on Saturday.. so stay tuned for lots of Call and Huls family pics.  

Hope you all had a wonderful EASTER. What a beautiful holiday to reflect, ponder, and celebrate the incredible blessing that our Savior has given us.