Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tomato, Tomatoe, Potato, Potatoe


all the same, right?

so, i'm no stranger to occasionally updating the world on what i am currently doing on my Facebook status. 
and unfortunately,  i'm no stranger to occasionally sharing with the world that sometimes my spelling needs to be double/triple checked, darn it.
today, we were invited by some friends to a CROQUET tournament, 
and obviously, i felt like this was "status update worthy" .. i mean COME ON.. 
how many croquet tournaments have you been invited to? 
see. i thought so! 
so about an hour before heading to the big tourney, i get on facebook and write the following:
"so sad i just dropped my mom off at the airport, but i've got to pull it together for my CROCHET tourney in a few hours"
CROCHET tourney??? 
yup, i had the facebook world a-buzzin about that one i'm sure. what have you all been missing out on? how can i be cool enough to be invited to one of those bad boys?  how good of a crocheter must kate be to be invited to a tournament?"
 ... all questions i'm sure that were swimming around in your minds...
well, the truth is, probably only 1-3 people cared enough to even read my update.. don't worry, i am not conceded enough to think the "facebook world would be a-buzzin" about my update no matter what it said.
no matter who read it.. even if it was only my sister
 (who i KNEW would pounce on my OOPS as soon as she realized it!) 
i felt like a moron.. and rightfully so. 
pretty sure jeremy won't let me live that one down for a while.
"that's what you get for updating that silly thing anyway"
... that's the comfort i got from that guy  i call my sweet friend. :)  ... but i have to admit.. 
he's right! 
as soon as i realized what i had done, and could pull myself together after laughing so hard i was crying.. and in-between texts from my sister.. i erased the status as quick as my speedy crocheting fingers would allow me.

anyway..the tournament was so fun!
 i did awesome.. i came in LAST place.
but jeremy, on the other hand, swooped the nation!
won the grand prize! 

d was a good sport during the intense tourney 

Alice & Corbin (and Daxton)
were the cute friends that put this fun night together.

and they made us a delicious panini dinner after the stressful event! 

and Rachel made creme brulee
words cannot describe.

Corbin awarding Jeremy with his grand prize!
their cheesehead grins are priceless. what goobs

even after my facebook mishap, and dropping my mom off at the airport..
it was such a great night! 

thanks Clawsons! 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

happiest place on earth

As I mentioned before, Jeremy's parents gave us all a trip to Disneyland for Christmas..
so this last weekend we had a blast with the Call crew at the 
happiest place on earth.

London loved it.. to say the least.
Pretty sure she didn't stop smiling for 3 days
(until we tried to put her to bed)

and we didn't skim on pictures either :)

the next 2 pictures are phone uploads...
hence the blurriness

scary i know.. i get a little carried away from time to time.. 

we missed our little JAX man.. 
but it was way too hot and 
crazy for this little friend.
he was much happier at home partying with his grandma williams!! 
oh.. how i love this perfect guy.

Thanks so much Lance and Nancy.
You totally spoiled us rotten, and we appreciate it SO much!! 
We love you! 

happy anniversary

40 years!!!

how much do i love this picture?? 
my absolute favorite.
(coming out of the temple on their wedding day 40 years ago.)

we all celebrated with them for dinner at Jakers..

the two cutest people i know.
i love you mom & dad.
happy anniversary! 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

D's First Christmas..

(i've been on a posting marathon.. 3 posts in 1 day! i didn't wanted to miss documenting anything!)

..and the best Christmas we've ever had because of D.

This little girl is the greatest thing in the world. 
sick of hearing me say that? 
you better stop reading my blog then.. because this obsession seems to be getting worse.. not better
(we are debating changing her name on her birth certificate from London to D.. because that is all she is ever called.)
..okay maybe not.. but she may never know her name really is london 

first family christmas morning picture

i got a little carried away with pictures of her.. 
and i couldn't decide which ones to share and not share.. 
so here's a load of them for you.
(prepare to grit you're teeth until you get a migraine)

grandma shared her apple with d... and yes, i had to go fishing out the chunks so she didn't choke. but she was lovin it.

i know a lot of these are a lot the same.. 
but i couldn't deprive you of even one.

another picture of christmas morning.. 

Christmas is always the very best time of year
it's always a perfect reminder of the incredible blessings we enjoy because of our Savior's birth, life, and ultimate sacrifice.
My heart truly could burst into a million pieces because of the gratitude and love I have for my Heavenly Father and Savior, 
and for entrusting jeremy and i with this perfect person 
and for allowing me to be the imperfect person i am everyday and have the opportunity and blessing to repent, to be forgiven, and become stronger through Jesus Christ's atonement.

So grateful. SO blessed.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my friends.
Our life is full of love and joy because of those we are constantly surrounded by and because of the amazing examples we have to pattern our lives after.

Christmas Part II: The Huls

even though i have to twist MOST of my siblings arms clear behind their backs and make them say uncle before they give in and pose for family pictures..
i know they will thank me someday..
i mean how priceless and classy is this picture?!?!

all of us and our spouses

my oldest bro Christopher

again.. classy.
but my favorite out of em all.

the bro's and bro-in-laws in their new sweaters
i don't know whose idea this pose was... but i'm going to go ahead and claim it.. hilarious.

sisters & sister-in-laws in our new robes

Katelyn modeling her new dress from grandma.
this sweet girl is ALL GIRL!! loves everything frilly and princess-y

all 16 grandkids
yes.. its a ZOO around these parts when we're all together.

jeremy's gift to london.. 
i mean, what 8 month old DOESN'T need Nike Shocks, right?! 
yes, she still is in LOVE with my dad. 
..and my mom for that matter.. 
i love this picture SO MUCH.. look how my mom has london's head in both hands kissing her so hard.. now you see where i get my issues with almost having to be violent with how much i love my child.

dancing on the WII
any time i can get jeremy to get jiggy with it.. i MUST capture it.
to put it lightly, he isn't the next justin timberlake (and he'd be the first to admit it)
we got way too good of a laugh.. WITH him, not at him, of course.

same expression. love these two girls

muner is in love with his car he got for christmas

grandpa playin with his girlies

i love how logan, and all my nieces and nephews tote london around.
she LOVES kids and babies.. and i love that she does.. makes my job easier when they are around. she is content for hours on end with them around.

cutest face ever.

i wish i had the energy and time to describe, in detail, how idiotic me, jeremy, jared, and lacie's decision was to venture out and eat at the ONLY place open on Christmas day.
Chinese Buffet
lets just say i'm 100% convinced it wouldn't pass even 1 inspection or code even in a 3rd world country.
and pretty sure its not a coincidence that jeremy didn't leave the bathroom for 3 days after we ate there because of a tornado a-brew'n in his stomach. 
why did we stay and eat after knowing the condition of the place you ask? 
i wish i had an answer.
maybe the worst decision i made in 2010.

words of wisdom for 2011..
don't eat anywhere that is open on christmas day.