Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Another year of summer sales has come and gone.. 
can't say i'm ever too sad to say those words.
But I do want to say GREAT JOB to my husband for finishing a GREAT summer, our BEST summer by far.. in SO many ways! Not everyone has it in them to do this job, and do it as well as Jeremy does... so so so proud of him.

 He deserves to be bragged about.. and i'll be the woman for the job.

We just got back from a company cruise with NorthStar to the 
being there is truly like escaping reality

The whole Northstar crew on formal night.
what a ridiculously fun group!
northstar ROCKED the freakin boat on halloween costume night. 
such awesome costumes all round

germ & me 
.... aka .... 

oh.. but there wasn't just 2...
nothing crazy was about the go down on the fascination carnival ship with us
  6 incredibles on board!
(cassi, caleb, cameron, betty, me, jeremy)

A few of us took a sail boat ride out to snorkel for the day. 
Other than my 3-4 x-large gulps of sea water through my snorkel mask.. 
the tropical critters and the whole experience did not disappoint. 

oh the water. i could stare all day. 
that is the ATLANTIS hotel behind us.. beautiful.
and of coarse the cute towel animals cruises are famous for..
a few girlies on formal night

Cam & Jeremy made betty & I a siamese mermaid fin 

we did one side of the egyptian pyramid sand castle.. betty & cam did the other

we had a good 5-6 hour lay over in Atlanta on our way back to Utah.. 
so we took a cab with meradith and jason to see 
"cloudy with a chance of meatballs" in 3D
... lets just say we are glad meradith is still with us after the cab ride back to the airport...
we almost experienced the movie "taken" first hand
glad you're okay girl.. glad you didn't die choking on your water... and glad we didn't wet our pants from laughing so hard.. wouldn't want to contaminate that mr.clean cab seat.

oh good times. lots o' laughs. great friends. fantastic weather. out of this world scenery. mediocre food. raving drunk lunatics. good shows (minus purple rain, "my girl" karaoke guy, and bare bottom dancers) 
all in all..
we couldn't have asked for a better time.

**and thank you to ALL my cute cute friends for you're sweet comments. we are just overly excited about our lil one on the way ;)    i can't even talk about it without tearing up a bit... 
what a blessing...what an out of this world experience it has been already. 

Monday, October 19, 2009

we can't wait... meet our little friend 
the beginning of May!! 
...almost 12 weeks...

Friday, October 2, 2009

birthday boy

Happy Birthday Germany!
27 years old... you ole toot.

I was looking through pictures today and ran across these treasures..
and realized I've never shared them before.
Before we moved to Indiana Jeremy had one of his sweet/thoughtful moments and had rose petals up the stairs leading to the bathtub with flowers in front of a bubble bath ready just for me! (bubble baths = my obsession)
cute/romantic right?
that's what i thought ...
until he asked to get in with me.. 
before i could answer him.. he jumps in ...
shirt, shorts, socks and all.
I of coarse fly out of the tub with disgust that his dirty socks were in there with me.. and leaped to grab my camera.
.... when i came in to get a picture of him.. he had proceeded to put shaving cream ALL over his face/body (cloths still on). 
to sum it up.. 
he completely lost his mind.
one of the funniest things i've ever witnessed.

Lil' birthday celebration..
So we've been planning on hitting up the Melting Pot all summer, so no better occasion that germs birthday. Cassi and I both remember not liking the main coarse, so we decided to swing by our beloved TACO BELL  for dinner and then go to the Melting Pot for cheese/dessert.
But after enjoying a chalupa and taco...
 the boys looked at the menu at the melting pot, and decided we better try IT ALL.
to say the least..
but it was delicious.. and the company was fabulous like always..
thanks for going with us Cassi & Caleb!
(our taco bell run right before melting pot)

hope you had a great day my friend. 
happy happy birthday.
i love you.
too much.