Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WARMEST Holiday wishes from the Calls..

we headed to the beach a few days before we came to Idaho in a rushed attempt to get a picture to use for our Christmas card... 

... just heading out the door to Idaho for a month of holiday madness ...

Monday, November 29, 2010


Thanksgiving was unique this year.. 
but maybe one of my favorites.. 
This is the first year EVER that I haven't been "home" for Thanksgiving.
but we got super lucky and spoiled and my parents came to spend it with us! 
so it was just the 5 of us...

also.. this year my heart has NEVER be
en as close to bursting with gratitude as it was this year. for so many different reasons..
 but the main one is my little family. 
My sweet, healthy, perfect, tiniest friend, London.  
I knew I would love her, but NO ONE can explain just how much until you meet them..
it's almost painful to even try to put the feelings I have for her into words.
A joy i have never experienced until her. An overwhelming feeling of gratitude to my Father in Heaven for trusting us/blessing us with such a perfect person to be part of our family. 
I have said this a million times to Jeremy, and also to my parents..
"this mothering thing is what i amhere, and what i was made to do"
so grateful.
and of coarse for her sweet dad. my best friend.
i really am the luckiest girl in the world.
i should be the first to GIVE.. because i have been GIVEN and been blessed with so much!

this perfect face.. is what i LIVE for.. 
true happiness.. has a whole new meaning
 since my girlfriend came around.

oh, and her first 2 teeth starting poking through this weekend.
can you see them?! 
stop growing up! i've had it.

we took my dad to the marine corp air station museum..
and this is SUCH a typical picture of him. 
i LOVE it.
with his head up the tail pipe! ha!
ok, i know its not actually the tail pipe.. but it sounds the funniest to say it that way, right?
we knew he would love it.
 and i think my mom and i enjoyed it more than we thought we would.

while jeremy was at school,
we went on a tour through the mormon battalion museum.

panning for gold

we actually were planning on going out to dinner for thanksgiving just because there was only a few of us.. but my mom and dad decided last minute to pull whip up the full on turkey sha-bang.

and while dinner was a-brewin, we hit the beach and went surfing.

so cute to see my dad having so much fun in the water. he had way more energy than me in the ginormous waves that day. 

and my mom took care of D while we played in the water. Thanks mom :) 

my favorite picture of the weekend.
sweet kisses from grandpa

we went and ate on Coronado 
and d tried her first lemon, and loved it

Bob Hope Statue.. 

La Jolla Cove

London loves my mom and dad so much.. lights up around them.
but just might be completely obsessed with my dad.. 
its the sweetest thing in the world. 
she open-mouth grins every time he talks to her.
like mother, like daughter.

oh mom and dad.. 
it was so fun.
thanks for spending it with us.. 
we love you.

hope you ALL had such a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

6 months

It's no mystery that Jeremy and I are completely obsessed with London, but it's one of the greatest things ever to see other people love her.
We have made some of the most ridiculously fun friends here.. that's another post in and of itself..
For a cute little story about London and our cute friends, the Montgomery's,
click HERE.
OH her face. It's the most edible thing in this world.
I could straight out ball my eyes out thinking that she is already 6 1/2 months old!
but at the same time.. she is getting more and more fun everyday.
bitter sweet.
(this is her at the beach last week)

Just a few things about London..

**she LOVES other babies and kids.. makes a high pitched SQUEAL when she see's them OR when i show her herself in the mirror (i'll post a video of that soon)

**she loves sweet potatoes..

**she needs some serious yoga/pilates training.. her core is not the strongest. not quite sitting up yet

**still has the strongest legs and can stand on her own if she just holds our fingers

**stands up on jeremys hand while he balances her

**doesn't have any teeth yet

**going on walks, and being in her baby bjorn are her favorite things EVER

**she smiles at EVERYONE, especially at church

**rolls over occasionally, but isn't real real interested still

**her favorite toy is her tiny doll, she squeals at it like its a real baby. hilarious.

**she falls asleep almost every time we get in the car (HUGE milestone if you have read past posts!)

**she will try to put her binki in our mouth if we open our mouth

.. nothing catastrophically exciting, but every small thing she does seems like christmas to us..its a little out of control. i can't get over how much i love being with her all day, and i know most of you can relate completely.

She loves being at the beach.. the sound of the waves must be calming or something because she will lay there and smile forever! and its a good thing, because its our favorite place.

... this is after an afternoon of surfing with some good friends
the Chesleys & Lindsays..
(it was 90 degrees that day.. in NOVEMBER! crazy talk)

ok, lets talk about how much i LOVE this girl!
i went to a baby shower for one of my favorite people i have met here in San Diego, ok.. one of my favorite people i have ever met.
we are just.. in her words.. "kindreds"
how cute are all these girls? its sickening! and whats even more sickening is how sweet they are!
salt of the earth.

can't believe the holidays are HERE!
NOTHING like this time of year.
bring it on!

Monday, November 1, 2010

halloween festivities

London's first Halloween!
She dressed up 2 nights in a row as a ladybug.. that's why there are so many pictures of her in her costume. 
oh.. and because she is delicious. 

just a few of our fav costumes at the party..

brett and krystle as..
"thinking outside the box"
alice in wonderland

the crew from "UP"
the dog, the scout, the bird, and the old man

i spent HOURS on end making our costume..
OR i got it the day of the party at old navy for $2.50

some of our good friends had a 
homemade doughnut halloween party.. 
the doughnuts where OUT of this world.. and the company was even betta.
ok.. so this little boy.. KEATON.. is probably one of the cutest little boys i have ever seen.
and his mom and i decided today that an arranged marriage is perfectly ethical in this case.
that's right london, be aggressive.. don't let a good thing pass you by...
i almost did with your dad. :) ha.
go ahead.. salivate

on our way to the party
pick'n our pumpkin at the pumpkin patch

Hope your Halloween was Spooktacular.