Saturday, March 21, 2009

just a saint week

..... st patrick's day  &  st george .....

First and foremost.. I want to wish my beautiful MOM a Happy Birthday!! She is a St.Patricks Day birthday girl... so NO ONE.. EVER forgets her birthday.. but we wouldn't anyway mom! Hope it was a great day! Wish we could have been there! 
LOVE you suwee.

(wow... must have been hilarious)

Last weekend Chels, Gord & Tydon came and stayed the night with us... even though they live in Utah now.. I love it!  and Friday night we rang in St. Patty's Day early with a GREEN dinner.

The bro's re-united! 
Jeremy, Nelson, and JC after the jazz game... best high school friends & college roommies 

At the Jazz game on St. Patricks Day... apparently I was the ONLY one that remembered it was St. Patty's Day... either that or Jeremy was right when he said people stop dressing up in green when they are about 12. 

not sure what to label this one... but hey, they are from blackfoot

so fun to see these girls, brings back the good ol poky days. i was roommates with Hayley my last year of college, and JC was rooming with Jeremy... we set them up and the rest is history.. their kids can thank us later. 
Who's the leprechaun?

Lace kicked our trip to St. George off right with a jaw breaker in cheek... while slurping a Double Gulp 

... and MR was the hit all weekend. such a good boy & LOVED the hike.
 have i ever mentioned that i love this kid!

Peace, Love, and War

stayed with grams again. wish we could have seen her more.. she had to take off for a wedding the morning after we got there.. but THANKS for letting us stay grammie.. love you love you love you.

We hiked in Zions National park... 

...... Did I mention that we were a TINY mislead by my bro in law JARED that there may quite possibly be a water hole at the end of our hike that we could swim in. Lace and I had the fab idea planned to lay out at the end of our hike in the 80 degree St. George weather. So Cali-geared up we headed for the mountains and the water. You betcha... SWIM SUITS, BEACH SKIRTS, and even threw on a couple cute pairs of dangly earrings.
Never in my worst nightmares have I gotten so many ridiculous and awe struck stares from people in the appropriate TEVA & North Face  gear... I mean come on... my skirt is FLORAL print... AHHHH. I could die just thinking about it. I'm really not one to get embarrassed real easily, but after about the 20th head turn I could have crawled in a tarantula hole and die. (we did take off our earring about 2 minutes up the mountain) 
So... when we finally reached the infamous "water hole"..  we were greeted by a great big sign.."NO SWIMMING"... and the water was a dark brown/green color and about 2 feet deep, not to mention at the top of the mountain it had rapidly reached a teeth chattering 40 degrees with snow spotting the red rock. and you guessed it.. NO JACKETS, we were expecting the beach at the peak of grueling hike I guess... our husbands couldn't have enjoyed it more... not the hike.. lace and I's foolish "legally blonde" actions. 
I have to defend us by saying we really are NOT the frilly.. prom dress while you hike... pink addicted ladies we acted like this weekend, but we learned our lesson. Next time Zions Park meets us.. our TEVA's will be shined up... our bandannas strapped to our foreheads, and we'll leave the floral and levi skirts at the pool. 
MORAL OF THE STORY... Zions Park DOES NOT have a swimming watering hole.

It really was gorgeous, and so fun! 

at our watering hole, about to dive in. ha.

Friday, March 13, 2009

blog on!

***disclaimer:  yes, its friday night... i'm posting a non-picture, pretty ridiculously lame post.. why? thought you would never ask! because i'm at the byu library with jeremy watching him study. never a dull friday night with the Calls, i'll tell you what

let's chat. 

i don't consider myself a "blog freak".. you know blogging 10 hours a day (seriously, more power to you if that's what you enjoy doing), although i'll be the first to admit i think its one of greatest invention of all time (next to cucumbers in vinegar). i love reading ALL your blogs, keeping up with your cute children/spouses/vacations/etc.  keeping up with friends i NEVER see.
with that in mind... i have my full body armor on ready to defend any bloggers in need of defense.
i have overheard a few discussion by random people... and have read a few things as i have surfed various blogs that i'm not too down with.  so lets get jiggy with it..... 
(side note... this is not meant to be a negative post, just want to back ALL my blogger hommies up out there)

"blogs are for people who want to brag about themselves and how perfect their life is"

"people try to make their life sounds so perfect in blogland"

"blogs are a perfect way to live in a fairy tale land, and fool other people to believe you are liv'n the dream"

"no one wants to hear about your going to the grocery store, or how delightful your moonlight walk was"


sound familiar?? ..... heard or read any of these or something similar??

i'm sure my opinion makes a HEEP of difference to you all... but .... well, i'm here for you ladies (and gentlemen).  BLOG ON... brag on ... exaggerate on... to your hearts content.... cuz you know why

ITS YOUR BLOG... its your website. 

whether you blog to journal, to scrapbook, or even if you blog to escape reality... flaunt it how you want it girl! it's your time to shine... and everyone's sunshine is completely different. don't let anyone tell you or make you feel like you can't spice up your blog life!  do and say whatever you darn well please.  if it makes you feel better to talk about the "grand" ... "fantabulous" things going on in your life, and sometimes even sugar coat them... more power to ya sugar.   

as for me, i consider myself an optimist.. for the most part (don't get me wrong, occasionally i have to walk up hill in the snow both ways!) and i think everyone knows NO ONE's life is perfect, but when i sit down by jeremy with ESPN blazing in the background, and start posting on my cheesehead blog... the positive things are what MOST often come to mind to record, not those rare times i want to drop kick that cute hubs of mine. ha. 

therefore... as you are blog surf'n.... 
just grab a diet coke, or crystal lite.. or bud lite for that matter (okay maybe not that one, but just make it sugar free for heck sake) and don't worry about how perfect someone else is trying to make their life sound, and on the other end of things.. don't worry about what you write... write what your digg'n at that particular moment. 
read blogs as novels or just enjoy the pictures, whether it be fiction or non-fiction... or don't read it at all, your choice.  i mean gosh... come one.. at least i'm giving you two choices there! ha.  
(as if i have a say)  
but then again.. i do have a say... Cuz this is MY blog. ha. 

again.. not meant to be negative.. hope you took all this as lightly as i have... 
but seriously..  if people are going to spend the time talking about how lame blogs are .... and how people SHOULD blog.... and how people are being fake through blogging ... i'm going to throw my 2 cents right back at cha

so like i said BLOG on...  

**yes, i obviously had a long time to do nothing in the library. and no, i'm not bitter toward anyone at all.. actually just laughing out loud that i  have even spent time writing this non-sense...  just had some time to kill, ha) 

have a good night blogland

Sunday, March 8, 2009

St. George

We went to see one of my very favorite people this weekend in St. George. My Grandma Wadsworth.  She is the youngest... most talented... most beautiful 89 year old I know! Jeremy & I had so much fun staying with her. My mom and dad were also down there visiting so we went "site seeing" with them.. and also got to hang out with my aunt and uncle for a few days. So many historical sites that were so interesting to visit, and oh my... fantab weather.

Head'n out.

Grandma Wadsworth (my mom's mom)... isn't she gorgeous? She made my wedding cake a year and a half ago when she was 88, incredible. If I'm as hip to the hop as her when I'm almost 90... I'll be doin barney jumps all around town.

Jeremy and I went to the Mountain Meadows Massacre Memorial Grave Site. Very neat to be there. I had heard about it.. but Germ taught me tons more about it. 

My M & D, Jeremy & I went on a tour through Jacob Hamblin's home and learned a lot about him. My dad has read a few books about him, so kinda gave us a preface about his life before we went, so it was neat to be in his home and try to imagine his life, and learn about how amazing he really was.  
Mom & Jer by the peach tree's outside Jacob Hamblin's home.

D, M, & me outside Brigham Young's Winter Home

"Seven Wives Inn".... right across from B.Y.'s Home

Uncle Larry, Aunt Kaye, M, D, Grandma, Me, Jer

My cute Aunt Kaye. Love her to death. 

You think my mom would take it easy on my Grandma.. being slightly elderly and all... but nope.. just latch on to those cheeks of hers mom. 

St. George Temple. Beautiful.

Friday, March 6, 2009


.. it's a must!
So... my cute friend Tawsha does FAB photography, and its your lucky day... she is going to be in IDAHO FALLS on April 10-11. She is being brave enough to take on the HULS family that weekend... and take pictures of my WHOLE crazy fam, and has time for some mini sessions. I HIGHLY recommend her, but don't take my word for it... her work speaks for itself.. check her out by clicking HERE.  LOVE. Love. Love her style. If you need pictures taken of any kind... and want it done for a great price.. you would be CRAZY not to give her a call and get them scheduled for that weekend!   Have fun!