Monday, June 28, 2010

blessing day & family reunion

It was quite the weekend! 
London & Macy were blessed on Sunday. 
It was so fun to be able to have them both blessed on the same day. I can't get over how fun it is that Lace and I had our babes 2 weeks apart.. its like having twins around when we are together. so fun. 
especially when they are screaming their heads off at the same time :) 

nothing better than having the whole fam damily together! 

My mom made London's blessing dress.. AMAZING, she is so ridiculously talented!
And I added the flowers to the dress and made her headband. 
Jeremy gave our little girl the sweetest blessing, she is so lucky to have such an amazing father.
It was a perfect day! 
(i didn't get ANY pictures on my camera with London and Macy together in their dresses.. DANG IT!... i'll post them when i get them from lace!)

... and our tiniest gim turned 8 weeks yesterday!! can that really be? crazy talk!

we had a HULS family reunion at Ross park

.. we are doing our first Petal on Over GIVEAWAY!!
enter for a FREE HEADBAND before the 4th of July!!! 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

call happenings..

Happy 3 years sweetest of all friends. 
Love this guy more than ever.
I knew 3 years ago that I would be happy sharing my life with him.. 
had no idea I'd be THIS happy.
You're perfect to me.. and for me Jeremy.
I love you friend.

We roasted hotdogs and mollows down at the pit at my parents house for family home evening Monday night.

... the muscles i pulled getting this picture... not okay
me and my bro Josh...
 if you don't know already.. i come from a family of morons.. and i fit right in :) 
 and i love it.

I warned you germ.. !
cute sister in law jenny. 

tyler.. aka.. "na na na"
and picture overload of our "tiniest gim" <---- her nickname since way before she was born :)
London with gma call

Jeremy, Chase, Lance
gpa call and Kamryn

London is waking up so much these days.. and yesterday she looked RIGHT at Jeremy and I and smiled from ear to ear.. the first non-gas bubble smile. 
it was the sweetest thing ever.. i bawled.
i'm so in love with this tiny girlfriend.. makes me grit my teeth even talking about her.

she grows and changes everyday. 
its bittersweet
now i know where my mom was coming from when she would make me promise her i would never grow up. 
fun to see them grow, but want them to stay tiny forever, right? 

some day you'll have hair sweet girlfriend.. until now.. we'll proudly answer "girl" ... every time someone asks if you're a girl or boy when you don't have a flower on your head :)  
you're perfect
... can't believe its already been 6 weeks since we meet her... 
can't believe its only been 6 weeks that we've had her.

My sister-in-law, LaNae, is hosting a party on
 Thursday, June 24
the party will consist of.... 
Premiere Jewelry
Aunt Kate's roll & dough mix
and.... Kate & Nat's headbands and necklaces!!

Nat and I are in the process of stocking up on tons of new and unique AFFORDABLE headbands and necklaces to sell at the party! 
(contact me if you want more info.. or if you have special order colors you want! more details as it gets closer!)

one last thing... 
our headband blog is under construction still.. but at least up and running! check it out and email me with any questions