Tuesday, February 24, 2009

fun in the sun.

A few days in San Diego. 
Oh warm weather... please come our way to stay!

**Jeremy told me about 6 o'clock on Saturday night that our flight left at 9 that night and that he had arranged for the other hygienist to cover me. Thanks HILL! I once thought I was pretty darn spontaneous, but I don't hold a candle to Germ. And I love every minute of it, I hope he always stays this way. Quick trip.. but oh... so refreshing.

Highlight overall: San Diego Temple- probably the most beautiful, breath taking thing I have ever seen.  The inside is just as beautiful as the outside, and so is the feeling and spirit we felt as we did a few initiatories. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm Yours.
Sweet Friend.
Be Mine.
My Favorite.

I Love You my Valentine.

Wal-mart had 2 pairs left in their size. thank heavens. just what they asked for.

they fit us too.

Valentines Day In Boise
The Weekend in Twin Falls.
Shoshone Falls. Twin Falls Bridge. Twin Falls Temple
Chillin 'n' Shoppin with Lace. Jared. Mister ...again.

We hope you all had a FAB Valentines Day, and were able to spend it with your loves

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

this n that

k... so I've mentioned how excited I am that my BFF from WAY back has moved to Provo, she has decided even though we are married lame folk, that she would humor us and chill occasionally. We set her up with one of Germ's mission chums and they came bowl'n with us. Love that girl.

Five Diamond rented Fat Cats bowling alley, fab time.

isn't this a natural pose with a bowling ball?! wow.
Five Diamond had a manager par-tay at the most beautiful house in Draper. Apparently the guys were feeling real bad.. tough..ill..phat.. sick, etc. It's been fun getting to know new people and making new friends.

Sunday dinner with my brother, Shaun, and his family that live in Saratoga Springs..DELISH.. a little guitar hero... and the most adorable girlies ever!! .... and guess who came with us, yup... COLE.

She's pretty much the only one that enjoyed my sugar cookies (i don't blame anyone)... they weren't fab, I'm working on my cooking... poor Jeremy.

Jeremy got us a hotel in Salt Lake for a lil "get away"... do you love that we go 30 minutes away to escape reality for a bit. ha. Really, so sweet of him to plan it and have a few treats waiting in the room for us.

be mine?
love you.

Monday, February 2, 2009

mostly random pictures...

Kaylee, my niece, turned 8 on Saturday, and was also baptized that day! 
Congratulations Kaylee, we love you. 

Huls girls. Our new FAV's, jaw-breaker/gumballs. DELISH

random.. yet foxy.. picture of my friend. love that cute face.

shop'n with mom

They came for Kaylee's baptism and got to stay with us! LOVE YOU.
My dad had surgery on his feet a few weeks ago.. but that didn't stop us from taking him shopping. Kicking and screaming (almost literally) ... we got him in a wheel chair and he was a sport being pushed around the mall. 


okay.. i admit, i'm not sure what i was thinking with my hair this day.. but Jeremy wasn't affraid to speak his mind about it... when he saw me with it like this he said "WHOA.. you look like heath ledger with that rats nest"   .. love you too sweetie

look at him look at his mom... i love how much he loves her. love that kid

Can you believe this smile?!!