Saturday, August 23, 2008


We SURVIVED!! I did a sprint triathlon for a "Give Kids a Smile" fund-raiser that the doctor I work for sponsered. This was my first.. but it won't be my last .. I'm addicted! I have done quite a few little running races, but I LOVED breaking it up with 3 different events! It was one of the funnest things I have ever done, and really rewarding. One of the assistants that I work with did it with me and she did GREAT!! It was so nice to have Savannah through the whole training process because it pushed me more, and she was HILARIOUS at the end of the race, she said "I'm pretty sure not even winning the Gold metal in the Olympics would feel as good as it did to cross that finish line." The way I'm going on and on about this little Triathlon you would think it was an Olympic competition... and it really WASN'T that "straining" of a race compared to what a lot of people do.. but it definitely pushed us and then paid off.. I love that feeling!

First: 1/4 mile SWIM
Second: 10 mile BIKE
Third: 5K RUN

Thanks to my cute husband for taking me at 6 AM and cheering Savannah and I on the whole race. He was so cute telling me how proud he was ALL day. My biggest fan... even with the silliest stuff! You would think I finished an IRON MAN with how cute and excited he was being about the whole thing, everyone should have someone like that! LOVE that friend!

Get'n ready.. ready to run.. Ready to have some fun!! (song by Dixie Chics.. if you didn't catch me trying ot be clever Ü.. I know.. sad that I have to explain my jokes, nothing new though!) Look at our morning eyes!!

#49 and #118 BABY

Quick squeeze right before the very beginning of the race.. the swim portion!!! Please notice the HOT green sports bra under my swim suit!! I swam in it under my swimming suit so I could save time changing when I transitioned to the bike portion. Its a pretty foxy look though. ya??

Transitioning... Just finished 1/4 mile swim... getting ready for the 10 mile bike.

Cheesy Grin.. the biking was probably the most difficult for me because there was a really steep hill we had to climb and we actually had to do that hill 2 times throughout the race. I would much rather run up a hill than bike it!

Ending the race with a 5K run. FINISH!..... Could there be a more glorious word??? The GREATEST feeling ever to turn the corner and see that FINISH sign glowing... and to see the cutest guy there screaming my name!!

Yah SAVANNAH!! She did so great and helped me get ready for this so much!

My mother-in-law, Nancy, and sister-in-law, LaNae came to stay this weekend and we had so much fun! Shopping.. eating... shopping... eating.... gotta love it! It was so fun to have them here, and sad to see them go so soon!

Jeremy came home from a long day of work with a hand full daisys...he knows just what to do to make my day!

Last weekend Lace & Jared.. and "mister mister" (Keaton) came to stay!! There is nothing NOT to love about these two.. so fun, so funny.. and so easy to be around! They wanted to go to the Hogle Zoo.... so being the fun HOSTS that we are (totally kidding it was actually their idea).. we all went and had a blast.. Lacie and I both saw a GIRAFFE for the first time EVER.. we were AMAZED and took a ridiculously amount of pictures of the darn thing and it was horrible lighting so NONE of them even turned out.

You can't believe how funny we thought we were! Laughed until we balled! Not too uncommon when the Huls get together though.

You would have thought growing up we would have been enemies for life because of how different we are.. but it turns out Lacie is one of my very best friends and there are very few people I would rather spend time with. She is the sweetest person and I have a lot to learn from her.

When Jeremy found out they were coming he couldn't sleep for a couple of nights he was so excited! He LOVES having company.. I love it just as much, but his excitement affects him physically, he can't contain himself. And we were both just as sad when they left.. stay longer next time!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A couple SHOUT OUTS...

Just a little SHOUT OUT to a couple of my FAV girls in the whole world that have some EXCITING news!!!!

My cute friend Kim Stewart is GETTING MARRIED!! AhhHH... lets all scream together! I'm so excited for her! Those of you who know Kim know that she is the SWEETEST girl EVER and deserves ALL the happiness in the world.. so I couldn't be more ecstatic about her finding her cute prince charming Ü She and I graduated Hygiene together and then moved to Provo together for a year until Jeremy snatched me from her.. so excited its her turn to get snatched! CONGRATS KIMBO... "love your guts".
.... by the way.... you HAVE got to hear how he proposed!!
He is a pilot and his dad has a plane, so he took her for a ride and flew over his parents house where they have a long driveway and he had written "will you marry me" in Flour so she could see it from the sky. Did you get the chills?? I know I did and I've already heard the story!!

Isn't she perfect??!!! I posted a picture of one of my best friends in the world ... LAURA... in an earlier post at her baby shower.... and this is her little sweetheart! I haven't met her yet, but I already love her to death, every time I talk to Laura we both end up in tears over how great she is.. and I've never even seen her! Incredibly amazing how we can love someone so much without even knowing them, I have found that to be the case in so many situations in my life recently, and I'm sure I will come to that realization even more when I am expecting my own children. I can already tell Laura is the cutest little mommy ever, but I knew she would be!
Love you Laura.. and can't wait to SQUEEZE my little girl.. and YOU!
Congratulations Laura & Brad... and Charley!!

These are little booties I gave Laura at her shower that a little old lady made in my parents stake, can you imagine making those?!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

west nile????

Not the most pleasant picture to post on a blog... but I've never had a mosquito bite quite like this one and it was too good NOT to share. Jeremy keeps telling me I have the West Nile Disease... I know.. not funny. But I think I really may be allergic to the buggers!
I wish this picture was a little more clear.. The inside of the bite is real curdely and bumpy.. and it has made my whole ankle swell... SICK! But Jeremy reassures me I will survive, so no sympathy cards are needed yet Ü