Thursday, July 9, 2009

a ton packed into one post.. sorry.

*** I've gotta learn to break these posts up and stay more up to date, Ill work on it.. 

Home Sweet Home
I went to Idaho a couple of weeks ago to visit my family...
SO refreshing.. So fun...
Could I love these people more?!

...all the siblings...

Got to finally see my MR Keaster!

My flight actually got canceled on my way back to Indy.. so I got to stay an extra 4 days..
you know what that means????..... 
yup.. I got to stay for the Huls Reunion Blowout at Ross Park..
So glad I got to stay a little longer.. but was rootin ready to see that hubs of mine when i got back, wish he could have come! 

The Huls girls at Ross park
me, nat, lace, and my SIL jenn
My oldest brother, Christopher, and his CREW.
My cute bro's light'n sparklers.

don't mind my cheeser.. but cute pic of Christopher
oh mom.. love love love you suwee
the babes in the fam.. can you even stand it?
Sydnie, Keaton, Maya

My dad (in the middle) with his bro's, (Ted & Tom) at our Huls fam reunion

My second oldest brother Shaun with his youngest Sydnie.

Me 'n' gram Huls.
 loved her cute pink outfit for the reunion
89 years old.. amazing. 
and spent LOTS & LOTS of time with "GIRL"... aka... miss Maya!
couldn't get enough of her.
... and don't worry we hit up a Chuckers game while I was there..
(not sure why my arm is amputated in this picture.. i think i was grabbing Josh's leg)


Our FIRST visitors to Indy!!
Jeremy's parents came to see us!
We went to an Indians game...

... took them to the gardens...

...introduced them to the famous jawbreakers..

....Lance got his work out...
this is us at the Indy 500 track.. Lance LOVED it

The Call family 
minus LaNae... we missed you LaNae and Aaron (and kiddies)
...we took them downtown...

all of us at the game
Thanks for coming guys! It was so fun to have you here, we love you!
Hope the rest of your road trip was fabulous!


happy 4th of july!
This was the weirdest 4th of July.. and the weather was the lamest!
It rained ALL day!
We had to cancel our bar-b-que bc of weather, and the Indy fireworks were also canceled ;(
but some of the wives had a little lunch get together at Cassi's so that brightened the day..
and the night ended up being really fun...
Jeremy worked for part of the day.. then we went to dinner with the office to Outback... 
and ended the night with a bang at the bowling ally
so fun actually 


A week before the 4th Indy had a parade and a LITTLE firework show to ring in the 4th early
... so at least we got some form of festive activities this year... 

 ... aka.... our little brother (we call him that because he hangs out A LOT with us since his cute fiance, Jess, is back in Utah for the summer)
so Alex has been trying to "make the blog" all summer (those were his words!)
 here is your moment of fame bro
Jess and Alex got engaged the end of June and we are THRILLED! 

I'm gonna have to give the cutest 4th of July outfit award to ADY! Love this tiny girl.

Hope you all had a wonderful INDEPENDENCE day!!!
I always get emotional this time of year... how blessed we all are to live where and how we live!