Wednesday, August 24, 2011

london.. london, and more london

sorry if some of you have already seen some of these on facebook. 
okay, i'm not that sorry. they are worth looking at again! :) 

i wanted to write some things down about London before i forget some of them. nothing too monumental, just small things that i want to record or i'll forget them even a month from now. 

She is starting to say more and more words:
HOT, ball, shoe, aw-oh, yum, ouch, mama, dada, baba

she will point to her nose, ear, and eyes

she blows kisses and gives kisses a MILLION times a day, and she's starting to just randomly do it by herself without me asking. NOTHING better. 
one short story to go along with that.
i was at Trader Joes, a grocery store, the other day and london was just sitting in the cart like she usually does, i was going about my grocery gathering business and she keep reaching for me, so i finally stopped and looked at her and she put both her hands on my cheeks and pulled me in and kissed me.. I watered up right there. kinda like i am right now just talking about it. ha! times like that are what make those other moments where you want to strangle them much more bearable. she really is such a happy, sweet little girl. how did we ever get so lucky. i'll never know! 

i know it sounds so silly to describe a 16 month old this way.. but she seriously is so ridiculously outgoing that its not even funny. she loves everyone, and would give anything for just a little attention from anyone she comes in contact with. she has started blowing kisses to random people to try to get their attention if they aren't looking at her. oh, squeeze her cheeks off. okay, i'll stop gritting my teeth now.

she is still a stinker about eating. if she didn't like mashed potatoes, yogurt, and watermelon we might have a 8lb toddler on our hands. oh, and how could i forget mickey mouse clubhouse, that show was inspired by the heavens. it distracts her enough to feed her new things and pump any extra calories in her on any given day.

at any given moment, if you come a'knockin at our door.. you'll probably see a scene similar to this.
no pants, and her sunglasses on. she LOVES wearing them around, but she usually has two wrists full of bracelets on at the same time. what a toad.

this big fella was quite the missionary! we loved having him in our ward, and had him in our home NUMEROUS times for dinner. and let me tell you.. he was an EATER.. he could put it down like no other. when ever i thought i might be cooking too much, i always threw in a couple more chicken breasts because i knew he would polish off every last bite. he was in our ward for almost a year! which is VERY rare. we miss him already

how jumbled is this post?! holy. 
i don't know why i uploaded my pictures so out of order. 
oh well.. too lazy to switch them around.. so instead i'll sit here and talk about how jumbled they are instead of taking the time to fix them. 

this is one of her newest tricks that i have her do a bazillion times a day
"fish face" 

folding her arms 

fold arms, bow head, close eyes... getting ready to pray. 
this is by far my favorite thing she does. and she'll actually sit there very patiently for about a minute (okay maybe 30 seconds, but i'm trying to make sure sound super advanced, is it working?) 

she loves the beach. 
i wish i could say i love taking her to the beach 
okay, don't get me wrong...
i love that she loves it and loves the water.
but she is a maniac.. she is not one to be content playing in the sand with a sand bucket and toys..
she high tails it for the water every chance she can and would dive in head first if i would let her. 
but the worst thing about taking her is she has an obsession with laying her head/face right in the sand. eyes covered in sand, gagging from a mouth full of it, and the sand GLUED to her scalp. 
i know how bad you feel for me right now. i can just taste your sympathy. 
but in all reality.. if jeremy and i are both there to take turns chasing this crazy lady around, its pretty fun to see her love it so much. she doesn't seem to mind cold water, which she absolutely did NOT inherit from her mama. 

this little escapade was pretty against my will. against my will so much that i grabbed my camera and ran to get full coverage of it :). Jeremy took her out (super shallow water, he's actually on his knees) on the surf board, and she was squealing the whole time.. loving life. 
do you love that jeremy is in a full on wet suit and our tiny girlfriend is just bare skin'n it in the freezing water. such good parents. she was shaking and shivering to death the whole time she was in the water, but SCREAMED when we would take her out. mad woman
brett (london's 2nd dad)

sweet baby OLIVER.
this little guy is the sweetest baby ever.
oh, is there anything more delicious than a new born? 

sydney, tim, oliver

brett & krystle
london likes them more than us. and i know i usually exaggerate MOST things i say, but this is not an exaggeration. 
she just gets sick of the same old mom and dad.. she likes to switch it up. 

i work one day a week, which happens to be the only day jeremy doesn't have school.. how perfect did that work out, right? 
anyway, not the point. 
while i was at work last week, jeremy put a ponytail in london's hair for the first time all by himself. he has watched me do it a million times, but i never thought he would attempt it himself since he has never even done it in a doll's hair or anything before. 
i don't know why i thought this was so cute.. but i couldn't get over it. i laugh out loud when i think about his hands trying to work that elastic around her hair... i would have got it on video if i were home while he was doing it. 
cute guy. the cutest dad in the world. and london is crazy about him. and so am i. 

this picture below looks like an innocent, sweet picture of london at the beach.. 
but it's her sprinting as fast as she can to get as deep in that water as she can before we catch her. don't start sweating yet.. we don't let her any closer to the water by herself than this picture shows. except for that one time we strapped the boogie board to her with duck tape and let her play in the ocean for hours by herself. 

can you tell i'm bored? jeremy is at a meeting and london is sleeping, and there are only so many things i can look at on craigslist, ebay, facebook, and pinterest, before my head starts spinning out of control.
its time to start a project. like, right now. maybe i'll get back on pinterest and get ideas for a project. 

night friends.

Monday, August 1, 2011

not always happy..


about to blow...

distorted face, high pitched squeal... she's lost all control. 

i posted pictures of her a while back of her getting progressively happier and happier.. 
but this is to prove she's not always her chipper self.  
And her little fits make me laugh.. 
(sometimes they make me laugh, other times i want to throw her outside and lock the door. and i've only done that once.
come on, i'm kidding about actually doing it, not about wanting to! don't report me.)