Wednesday, March 30, 2011

weddings. utah. idaho. pictures & more pictures.

What a week! 
Pretty sure we jam packed Jeremy's spring break to the hilt! 

It just so happened that Jeremy's best friend was getting married in SLC last weekend, And his cousin was also getting married in SLC 2 days later. AND it was the beginning of Jeremy's spring break... it couldn't have worked out more perfect! 

... and after spending a few days in Utah for the weddings, we headed to Idaho to chill with family.
CHILL is just what we did too! FREEZING. 
I'm seriously considering San Diego as my home town as of late :) 
It was GREAT to be home for a while though, sure miss our sweet families.

Blair, Clayton, Jeremy @ Claytons wedding.
Best friends from WAY back when.
These 3 are hilarious together.. hopefully someday we'll all live close because they just LOVE each other and laugh like school girls every time they are together.
The GORGEOUS newlyweds! 
(she won Ms. Utah last year, beautiful!)

And Jeremy's cousin... well i guess i should say OUR cousin, Kayla, also got married that same weekend. 
She was a stunning bride! 
I swear bangs were invented just because of this girl.. 
no one can rock them like she can! 
so happy for kayla and jordan! 

London got plenty 0 kiss from her cousin Ady. 
I love it
... and of course loves being with gma/gpa call! 

look at her face in this picture below. my favorite. she can't even contain herself. ha!

outside the SLC temple

i'm trying to do the one eye crossed look... still trying to master it
me and my sister in law! love you lanae.
work it girl, work it

While in Idaho we got together with some more of Jeremy's high school friends for dinner.. one of his best friends from high school married one of my roommates from college (on the far right)... we set them up.. and now they have us to thank for their adorable baby, Samantha :)
It was so fun to catch up.. not many people as good as these 2 couples. 
(jessie, Halle, Lonny, london, jeremy,kate,hayley, jc)

come on aaron, you know you love it.
call girls

...i've been DYING to get these 2 little girlies together. 
so fun to see Macy. i love how close in age they are. 

love this kid, even though he is a toad! :) 

sweet miss maya
the Huls girls, and their girls! my best friends.

So fun to be home for a while. 
but i can't say i'm too said to be back back to the 75 degree weather. 
heading out to the kiddie pool with D 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

happy green day!

she's feeling much better FINALLY! 

happy st. patty's day! 

happy birthday to the cutest woman i know!!!
happy birthday MOM!!!! 

Monday, March 7, 2011

so sad

my best friend has been SO sick. 
throwing up, coughing, congested, you name it.
the saddest thing ever.
wouldn't you just take it all from them if you could?! 

(looks like she is wearing a toupee! ha!)

i'm so in love with you girlfriend.