Sunday, January 17, 2010

its here..

the bump has definitely arrived.
and other than my pants quickly becoming a BIT .understatement. snug these days.. 
i can't say i mind it too much..
its fun/amazing to physically see and think about her growing everyday
24 weeks...
i'm feeling great.. almost completely over the sickness. 
thank heavens! 
i have more energy now than i have had in MONTHS,
i just might consider a baby #2 someday now that i know i'm going to survive this one :)

lets just say shopping and preparing for baby girls is dangerous business..
SO much fun stuff.. its pretty ridiculous. 

She is moving around like a mad woman, 
& I'm positive I put my husband and my family over the edge with my constant 
"oh oh oh.. come here.. come feel/see her move!"

... i'll enjoy the kicking and moving now because i'm sure in a couple of months that will turn into wanting to spank that bottom of hers for constantly kicking my ribs at all hours of the night, right moms?!

oh yeah.. fun lil tid bit for ya..
i've been blessed with the ..
protruding pregnancy belly button. 
its been a slight adjustment to get use to seeing that pointy little friend through my shirt everyday.
if it sticks out this far when i'm only 24 weeks.. you better watch out when i'm full term..
 it might poke your eye out. not kidding.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

it was a merry one!

Christmas '09
It's always a sad.. yet.. in the same sense refreshing feeling to have the season come and go.
I love it while it is here.. there is nothing like it, but after it is over, I always feel a sense of
 "a new beginning" 
 And I LOVE it.
We had a grand ole time with both families this year.. as usual..
and instead of going into the detail of what we did with our families, I wanted to share what my sweet husband did for me this Christmas.
It wasn't an extravagant, expensive gift.. but it was for sure my favorite gift I think I have ever received..
he gave him 2 of these....


One for him, one for me.. 
with a letter inside mine.
In this letter to me, he talked about President Kimball's talk where he encouraged us to get ourselves a new copy of the Book of Mormon at the beginning of every "new calling" we receive. Kimball also encouraged us to focus on that calling specifically every time we read that new copy and to mark, underline, and record feelings right in the book as the spirit speaks and bears witness to us about that calling and various things.  
Jeremy then goes on to say that we are about to embark on
"the most important new, eternal calling we will ever receive"
.. I can barely see the computer screen as I write this because of the love I have for my sweet person and his example...
his testimony and love for our savior, the gospel, and the Book of Mormon, is one of the very first things I fell in love with about him. 
He also made a calendar marked with how many pages we need to read each night as a couple to finish this copy of the Book of Mormon before our little girlfriend is due to join us.
..what a simple... yet perfect gift for Christmas..  

I have never felt so blessed as I have this Christmas, for so many reasons.
*my husband who is my very best friend
*a baby girl on the way
*my brother, savior, and redeemer's birth, life, example, and infinite sacrifice
*my family and my husbands family
*my health and the health of my family
... how do I even begin to list the blessings I have received and enjoy everyday...
pretty humbling.

snowmobiling at my parents..

Huls Clan on Christmas night
my fam + spouses

its a ZOO when all of us are together. and i love it
as of right now there are 14 adults
14 grandkids
and 2 on the way. 
gotta love the puffy-eyed christmas morning pictures!

I was so bad about taking pictures this christmas.. especially while we were at the Call's!
This is about the only one I got.. 
jeremy with our niece Kamryn.. her new christmas outfit kills me

Hope you all had a very merry one.. 
Happy 2010!
can't wait for this year to get roll'n... 
so much to look forward to.