Friday, December 12, 2008

Work Party... & Temple Square with the In-laws!

We had the JEPPSON DENTAL work party this weekend... and can I just say I LOVE this crew! I feel so lucky to be able to spend so much of my time surrounded by such amazing.... not to mention HILARIOUS... people! I tell Jeremy about once a week that I never want to leave this job... and hope it will be a long time before I have to.
We did a white elephant exchange... and as usual... good times! And don't worry... if you need to get a hold of me... I have a BRAND NEW PHONE thanks to my white elephant gift.... check out the size of that phone... and the cord that came with it could wrap all the way up and down my stairs and around my house a couple of times! That was a good one Hillary! 

How lucky am I to be able to spend all day, 4 days a week with these cute faces!

If you are wanting some safety glasses like mine.... keep wanting!

Jeppson Dental Christmas Party

Really... what makes Christmas feel more like Christmas than Temple Square in December?? Right!?! Love it! 
Jeremy's parents met us in Salt Lake Thursday night and took us to the ROOF for dinner! Then we walked around Temple Square.. it doesn't matter how many times I go and see the lights... and just "experience" temple square around this time of year.... it just keeps getting better! We had such a great time with them... and appreciate them spoiling us with the scrumptious dinner... but most of all spoiling us with their company! We love them them so much and love having them come! 

Does anyone else agree that this place is pretty much the most romantic place EVER around Christmas time. Jeremy and I went to see the lights at temple square on like our 3rd or 4th date... and that was 4 years ago, and I can remember it like yesterday how excited/nervous I was...  just hoping he liked me as much as I liked him! ..... and 4 years later... I still get so excited to go with my sweet friend! Love Love Love
My cute mother-in-law NANCY. She taught me how to make "her" cheese ball. She made one over thanksgiving and I think I ate half of it by myself, so I had her help me with one while she was down this weekend. Love her.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

wedding... babysitting....

KIM & KYLE Jacobs.....

They were married Friday December 5, 2008 in the Idaho Falls Temple! I couldn't be more excited for my cutest friend ever.... KIM! Kim and I went to dental hygiene school together, and then moved to Provo together right after we graduated. I just love her to death, and I don't know Kyle very well at all, but I already love him so much just because he loves my best friend so much, and makes her happier than I've EVER seen her.

Jeremy and I had the neatest experience as we sat in the sealing room with Kim and Kyle. It was such an overwhelming feeling to reflect on our own wedding day and be reminded of the sweet and eternal promises we made to each other that day. It really was the perfect day, but I do wish I could go back and just focus on soaking in every word that was said to us in the temple. I'm so sad to admit I can't really remember much of what was said during our sealing.. I guess my Adrenalin and excitement were both too much in overdrive to really focus on the words that were said. Don't get me wrong, the incredibly sweet feeling of confirmation and peace I was feeling in the temple that day are still as vivid now as they were then, but the details of the exact words are so blurry in my mind. But as I listened to Kim and Kyle get sealed, It was almost like a "reminder" for me. Hard to explain... but a neat experience! I love being in the temple.. each time I go it is really like my mind and heart are opened and reminded to focus on the "eternal perspective".
Jeremy and I were talking about how great of a feeling it is to be so purely happy for other people... there is nothing like it.... and this is how we feel for Kim and Kyle.

Chase and Brooke came to Utah to go to the Jazz game this last week, so we got to watch our sweet niece, ADY, while they were at the game! We had so much fun watching her, and pretending she was OURS while we were at the mall! We would claim her as our own any day!! What a sweet sweet little girl!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Point

Chelsi, Gordon, & Tydon were in Utah today, so we met them at THANKSGIVING POINT to see the lights and go to dinner. We are so excited they are moving close so we can do these little get togethers more often! The lights are so fun, and Tydon was LOV'N it! My favorite was the real reindeer (and the cute jewelry inside the shops)!

Sorry about the pictures looking fuzzy, they are clear on the actual "scrapblog", but through the copy and paste process and how small it makes them, they just look dark and fuzzy! Dang it.