Monday, December 7, 2009

twin falls

we went and saw lace, mr, and jared this past weekend in twin falls

i don't think i have even made the big announcement yet... 
lace is expecting also!!! 
and thats not the best part...
we are due only 2-3 days apart! 
CRAZY. SO FUN! couldn't have planned it better if we would have wanted to!

me and laner @ 18 weeks
mr. his facial expressions kill me

jeremy and muner in a target shop'n cart


thanks for letting us come! 

love you.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

a few pictures..

i was horrible about taking pictures over thanksgiving.. 
but here are a few randoms.. 

jeremy has been fishing with my brothers just about every week since we got back to idaho
i think he's found a long lost passion
i love that he loves it actually
... i told christopher he looked like an idiot with his hate like this.. but who can stop a kid when he's feelin a lil gangsta ?!
(jared-bil, germ, john-bil, christopher-bro)
the camera died right before j caught this 5-6lb-er.. 
so he took it on his phone (hence the horrible blurriness)
he got home about 1:30 in the AM, and couldn't help but wake me up and tell me all about his "big fish story"
another passion of his...

a fruit truffle i made for thanksgiving dinner at the Calls
(layers of cubed angel food cake, white chocolate pudding, whip cream, and fruit)

i didn't get one picture of my family on thanksgiving.. even though we were all together. 
i know... lame.
but this was a few nights before when a few of us were out for dinner

us call girls.. 
did some crafts over thanksgiving. 
nancy had blocks for us to make a count down craft for christmas. SO cute. SO fun.
and i taught them.. or attempted at least.. to teach them to make flower head bands & broaches