Monday, November 30, 2009

its a ...


oh boy.. we couldn't be more excited. except we would have been as excited either way.. its just SO RIDICULOUSLY fun to find out and to know. makes it feel so so REAL.
the tech told us she couldn't "guarantee" the gender at 17 1/2 weeks.. but that she has only been wrong 1 time in 6 years, and that she would "definitely" say its a girl. and after seeing the ultrasound and the pictures.. we are VERY confident 
we are having a little girlfriend.
let the shopping begin! 

during the ultrasound we saw HER
*suck on the back of her hand
*cross her feet
*open and close her mouth so wide
*rub her eyes
and heard the heartbeat again

oh my emotions today have been off the charts. 
first, i was SO nervous for some reason to go and find out what we were having.. i know that sounds so silly, because we had NO preference with gender, but i think it was just the reality of knowing if WE were going to have a SON or DAUGHTER. just that sentence alone is so overwhelming.. yet the most exciting thing in the world. 
so palms sweating, we got there.. and heard her tell us it was a girl, i was beyond excited.. and when i get excited mixed with a little bit of nerves.. i laugh (and if you have heard or seen me laugh.. you know its not a petite/quiet giggle).. so you can imagine the ultrasound techs job at this point.. her hand, the wand, and my stomach rapidly bouncing uncontrollably.. making it impossible to see anything on the ultrasound between my "episodes". out of control. one of the greatest experiences of my life though.
after, to celebrate, we went to the SANDWICH TREE (Divine! a huge addiction of mine these days)
while we were there, i looked up at jeremy, and something just hit me.. emotion overload! i buried my deformed crying face in his neck and bawled my eyes out 
(no, we were not the only ones in the restaurant.. what a treat for those spectators!) 
and although many times in my life he has looked at me while i cry for NUMEROUS reasons... sometimes NO reason at all... and i know he wonders what kind of psychotic creature has taken over my face and body... 
he didn't this time. 
he just understood.
he felt it too. 
filled with gratitude, anxiety, excitement, and too many more emotions to put in words about this new stage in our life.
just something that you "feel" together. LOVE those moments.. they don't happen enough between a man and woman do they?! 
priceless. something i will never forget.
what a perfect day. one i will always remember and will record so SHE will know how we felt because of HER.
i love my husband, and couldn't feel more grateful to be able to share this life with him, have and raise children with him, and most importantly be with him, our children, and our families for eternity. what a peaceful, comforting feeling. 

it was a wonderful thanksgiving. 
too blessed and grateful to even put into words.
hope it was the same for all of you.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

false alarm

we didn't find out what we were having yesterday.
but did hear the sweet heartbeat and doc said it sounded perfect.. i'm happy with that for now.
but still DYING to know. understatement 
stay tuned.. 
going back in 2 weeks and he promised we'd know "FOR SURE".
i GUESS i'll survive til then.. 
i could use a lesson of patience anyway.

happy weekend my friends.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

happy birthday Kamryn

Our cute little niece, Kamryn, turned 1 last weekend

Its always a good time to get together with the CALL crew,

its been so fun to be close to both our families the last few weeks!


CALL sista's

Kam went to town on her birthday cake. Hilarious.

Love that sweet girl.
Happy Birthday!

**babe update**
have a mentioned we are so excited.. ecstatic.. thrilled?!?!
this is going to be the longest pregnancy of all time.. yes.. longer than any of yours ;)  ha.. kidding.  
but we are just so ready to have our friend here with us and to meet him/her already.
i'm so impatient already.. i know.. not good right.. cuz we still have a LONG TIME.
everyone says to just enjoy the last few months we have as a couple.. and i'm sure we are slightly naive.. but we are so ready to take on this responsibility and to see our family grow. 
i can't read enough about this miracle of a process.. 
the more i am educated about pregnancy and what happens each day/week with our little person, the more i am blow away at how incredible and "not of this world" it truly is. 
 (i know.. i've joined that group that is pregnant and can't blog without mentioning something about it.. and i'm not gonna lie... that probably won't change... its pretty all-consuming, and i'm in love with it all) 
... we have an appointment tomorrow and they are going to try to tell us what we are having ...
ahh.. i haven't been able to sleep for a week thinking about it!! 
i'm going to go ape wild if they can't tell us tomorrow.. 
i'm not sure i could wait even another day!
so stayed tuned and i'll update y'all tomorrow ;)

Jeremy says he's 100% sure its a girl
I'm 100% sure its a boy
and we have absolutely no preference either way.. 
just feelings we both have..

so.. we'll see who is more spiritually "in tune". ha. can you imagine?!

any guess on what it will be??????? 

the holiday fever and weather is in the air isn't it?! oh.. there is NOTHING like this time of year.. LOVE!