Thursday, September 10, 2009

our little friend..

the praying mantis...
jeremy caught him and brought him home today and we played with him for a bit.
isn't he so cool?! 
the BIGGEST one i have EVER seen for sure. 

OTHER than spiders OF ANY KIND... 
(most)insects, animals, mammals..etc.. are probably in my top 5 love interests
... it all just amazes me ...

 (that most of you already probably know..)   
Father penguins are the ones that sit on the eggs as they are waiting to hatch as the mothers go out and hunt for food.  Well, in Antarctica when the retched snow storms come in sheets of like 10 feet of snow (sometimes all in one night), the fathers continue to sit on the eggs instead of saving themselves, so are therefore buried alive in the snow. These fathers have a natural instinct to protect there little friends come rain or shine (or snow)... even if it means death.  So when the snow melts there is just literally MILLIONS of father penguins skeletons where they sacrificed their life for their babes.  How sad.. but how cute?  I have to admit they have had that documentary on the animal planet twice, and I watched it just as intently the second time around.. just in awe of those cute, yet stinky little critters. If you haven't seen it.. its worth watching (despite what jeremy would tell you!)

well we went from praying mantis's to penguins .. pretty much sums up my random mind. 
(stay tuned next time for my obsession with dolphins! oh i love! Just to give you the magnitude of my passion.. i cried at the sea world dolphin show.. just a serious sensory overload.. with all the dolphins, trapeze artists, cockatoos all blazing at the same time! You know what i'm talking about! 
Then not to mention swimming WITH them on our honeymoon... okay.. i'll stop, or i'll be here all night telling you how they are therapeutic mammals, and therapists honestly do SEND people and REQUEST them to swim with the dolphins as therapy sessions. true story.)

you bored yet?
not me.. my adrenaline is just a rush'n just talkin about this goodness.
Until next time on ... THE "CALL" OF THE WILD....
have a good one & ta ta 

Thursday, September 3, 2009

oh Idaho..

it was good to see you!

I must say, this was the lamest picture-taking trip to Idaho, but oh... it never disappoints to revive my spirits to be home!

met up with some of my girls for dinner
(we missed the rest of you.. we'll give you more notice next time!)
michelle, ness, chels

sweet kami & lanae

roast'n mollow's with the girls at the calls

innocent water balloon toss with the fam turned into this..... poor nancy
trapped bw her two sons
 my mom in action.. she is a librarian at Iona Elementary.. and she is the cutest ever.
She decorates her whole library and 3 bulletin boards for EVERY season. 
isn't her 3D tree cute.
The kids LOVE her... what's not to love.

how about that chilliness in the air?!

happy FALL  friends!