Thursday, May 21, 2009

overdue update

Remember us? Please don't forget friends!
Updating this darn blog has been a battle between trying to "borrow" internet, busy days... blah....blah...blah! 

Downtown is SUPERB.  
so many fun things to see! could it get any greener or more LUSH here? love!

downtown indy

We LOVE seeing Ady (and chase & brooke) more than we have ever been able to!
so nice to have family out here with us this summer!

Look at both of their blue eyes! crazy beautiful.

can you even stand this face?

+ 3 conservative married couples 
 Ridiculously fun for us, undoubtably awkward for those watching us. ha. 

We headed out on the town about 10:30 and got home about 1:30 in the AM..
i know what your thinking.. "those wild and crazy cats", right?.. 
I thought those days were long past and buried with my singles years.. but NOPE.. 
salsa night at the jazz kitchen has reborn the "clubbers" in us!
... WE WISH ...
The truth:
we ALL were exhausted for 3 days after our late night out on the town.. not to mention SO sore for busting our mad moves.
we're get'n old, darn it. 

How lucky am I to be out here with such cute/sweet/fun girlfriends?!

Chase's face in this picture is just a sneak peak into one of the greatest nights of his life... Brooke's RIS-KAY salsa moves were driving him wizzz-ild

Caleb & Cassi 
.... our new FAB friends...
were the life of the salsa party.. so fun, love them.

Grab'n some grub before a long night on the dance floor. 
how gross was my broccoli/cheddar soup that night. woof.

Meet my friend 

.... and Carter 
(he's tucked away in his momma's pouch)
I have LOVED getting to know Cassi and her lil fam.. what a fun crew they are. Funny I have only known them for a few weeks.. from the first day i met them.. felt like i have known them for years. So glad they are here.. friends like them are what make these summer experiences all worth while!
... and of coarse Ady again.

ok so my hips were slightly bruised, and i may have been stuck for a few minutes.... but i wanted to try the lil blue swing out since the first time i laid eyes on it, so at least i got it under my belt early on in the summer. 
a first and a last.

Whats this????? 
Is that grease I see on those baby bottom smooth hands of yours sweet person?
Yup.. I'm one proud friend
Germany got up this morning and looked up how to change the brake pads/rotors on our car this morning.. and the next thing  I know.. he's all greased up get'n  'er done! 
Like I said, I sincerely am so proud of this "coming of age/a giant step into manhood" moment for jeremy... but not near as proud as he was of himself! 
I wish I could have captured the beam that was radiating from him as he talked about his feat in the auto industry each and every hour throughout the day.

I didn't know until today.. but its true what they say
... there is just something about grease and sweat on yo man...
 delish to the eye.
Great job cute champ.

we are absolutely loving Indy.. all sugar coating aside.
don't get me wrong.. my homesick moments creep in, and a few tears have been shed as i think about my family in idaho... but... 
we feel so blessed to be here with such great friends and people all around us.. 
and know this is exactly what and where we are suppose to be ... even though it was quite the process deciding to come!

Funny how life happens just as it should. Thank heavens someone knows us better than we know ourselves. 

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.