Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Love Day

And it was a happy day with my two favorite Valentines.
Hope yours was too! 

p.s. i got the job :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011


i had an interview for a dental hygiene position today.

i've been battling whether or not i should work.. 
but this job seemed too good to be true
1 day a week, 8-3, a salary i could pay rent for the month only working 1 day a week, 6 miles away from home, jeremy could watch London for all but 2 hours of my shift.

oh, how did it go, you ask? 
i NAILED it! 
felt great about it... 
conversation flowed, me and the dentist's views on patient care and treatment seemed to be completely compatible

firmly and confident, i shook the dentist hand and went to grab my purse that was placed on the floor between Dr. Woods and I.
we both looked down at my purse at the same time. 

this is what i/we saw as i went to grab my purse
 (this picture is NOT an exaggeration!)

i could have crawled under a bush full of ticks and died.

nothing was said. 
but i'm about 0.5% sure she didn't see it.
i felt like i was in slow motion as i tried to snag the dang thong and conceal it in someway. 

why would i have this at the top of my purse???.. 
correction: why, not only at the TOP of my purse, but ON TOP and OUTSIDE of my purse?? 

because the other side had all my interview information on it.
address, time, phone number, etc. 
some people use a sticky note.. 
nope, not me, i use my homemade pg-13 valentines. 
screams professionalism.
ALSO, i was looking over my resume after the interview and noticed that i forgot to delete the
"part-time exotic dancer" section that i recently added for another competitive job position i was applying for.

ok, that's not true.. but it might as well be.

Monday, February 14, 2011


in every sense of the word.
i think these pictures speak for themselves.
 happiest girl i know.
jeremy couldn't resist getting her a new backpack, and she was loving it. 
kept it on while she crawled everywhere.

gum'n it. 

this last picture is her CLASSIC.
off to the side cheese smile.

Happy Valentines Day!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Cake Pops

My friend, Courtney and I made CAKE POPS for a Valentine-making party we were going to.. 
they turned out pretty delish, and kinda cute if  I do say so myself.
Time consuming, but so fun to make.
HERE is a tutorial and recipe for them! 

just getting done making valentines/cards

.. and this is what i spent my evening making.
classy, eh?! surprised? shouldn't be.
i actually copied this idea from Howdoesshe.com, they made cookies like this instead of Valentines and called them PG-13 cookies.. 
too cute of an idea not to mimic. 
ok, so we took a few pictures of our Cake Pops. pretty proud of ourselves.

She's got curls. A LOT of them.

... and i remind Jeremy multiple times a day around this time of year just how much i love this holiday. no pressure germ. :) 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sea World

My mom and dad just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.. and as a gift to themselves, they took a 2 week road trip, and we got lucky enough to have them here for the last week of their road trip!! 

We went to Sea World while they were here, and that is the only time I took pictures the whole time they were here!

dolphin show

london COULD NOT get enough of riding on my dad's shoulders. 
she would squeal and laugh the whole time.

.. and she was pretty glued to my mom this trip..
she would go to her rather than me most of the time.
i don't blame her. she's pretty darn great.

Shamu show

this was the cutest thing i have ever seen in my life
i don't know if it was how bright red Elmo was.. 
or if it was how soft and cuddly he was, but London was 
LOVING him. 
i wish more than anything i would have gotten this on video. 
she was laughing out loud and throwing herself in to him. 
completely lost her head (in a good way)

she is completely full of it these days! 
9 moths old! 
blows my mind.
she is...
crawling all over like a mad woman for the last couple of weeks
pulling herself up on any and everything
walking along the couch and ottoman
she fake coughs and laughs
dances when i sing to her (which is most of the day, poor girl)
goes to sleep without being swaddled, FINALLY
sleeps all through the night
LOVES squash and sweet potatoes 
HATES green beans and garden vegetables
her first word was MAMAMA, then DADADA
but pretty much just says mama all day long
carries her bottle in her mouth everywhere she goes, even while crawling
she LOVES strangers.. light up around anybody new
smiling MOST of the day, such a happy baby.

this little friend will have no self confidence issues.. 
every small thing she does we celebrate and think is so very GREAT! 
hopefully we think the rest of our kids are this great. ha!