Monday, April 19, 2010

update on the past month..

Christie is probably one of the nicest, cutest girls we know.. 
and not to mention talented! 
check out her work

thanks christie.. we love them.

EASTER with the CALLS... 

EASTER with the HULS
didn't take many pictures...
(maya & keaton)

Baby Shower in Idaho Falls.. 
i'm the picture taker in the family.. so unfortunately.. we only got pictures before and after the shower because no one else thought about it! but it was so fun to see everyone.. thanks so much for coming. and a HUGE thanks to my sisters and my mom and sister-in-law jenny for all the time they put into it. it was perfect :)
jenny made this for me. love love love.
love my sisters!
 nat did most of the food. isn't she probably the cutest person you've seen?!
.. and lace wouldn't let me take any pictures of her.. but she did the invitations and a lot of the decorating.. thanks laner and nat.

my cute mom. just love her. she always makes any party a hit :)  
the 3 of us. 
couldn't be luckier to have these two for best friends AND sisters.

winding down after the shin dig
mr joined us right after the shower.. can you stand this sweet face.
we even love him when he is so naughty lace :)
spending time at the calls for Lance's 50th party
me 'n ady

how perfect has the weather been? oh i'm in love! so ready for summer and sunshine!

holy belly! 
i'm ready any time you are little girl :) 
less than 20 days until she is DUE to arrive.. crazy talk! 
but i'll take her earlier if she is READY and willing!!
watch where your putting that hand germ.
how cute is my husband? don't answer that.. i already know :)  
i can't even tell you how cute he has been throughout this pregnancy.. he is going to be THEE cutest dad in the world.. i can't wait to see him hold her.  she and i are two lucky ladies to have this guy in our lives. love my sweet sweet friend. 

i've been spending lots of time with this squirrelly girl! oh she kills me.. makes me laugh so hard.
have you ever seen anything cuter? 
i've been feeling pretty good.. much like a beached whale most days.. but overall i really can't complain. 
okay.. i can complain..
 but mostly just about not being able to sleep AT ALL.. and the constant pain in my UPPER back (go figure), and about my chip munk cheeks that arrived a few month ago and have continued to swell each and every day 
(both sets of cheeks i might add)
and people always say "it will all be worth it"
i would go through much much much worse to get this girlfriend here. i just hope i am the kind of mom i know i NEED and WANT to be, and the kind of mother she deserves. the relationship i have with my own mother has really taken on a new perspective.. and i hope my little girl loves and adores me as much i as i do with my sweet mom. 

jeremy and i sit up and talk almost every night about how much we love her already and try to envision our lives once she is here, what she will look like, how lucky we are to have already have experienced this so far.. and how exciting the future is.
we are truly two 6 year old kids waiting for Christmas.

Monday, April 5, 2010

need some spice? 
if you know me, my mom, or either of my sisters.. 
you know we are suckers for ANY fun funky accessory.. 
we like one of a kind pieces... which are not easy to find.
we have made our own, and are selling them now! 
we're in the process of starting a blog and etsy site..
but i wanted to post a few pictures for MY girls here on my blog.
if there is anything you like.. 
let me know! 
we have taken custom color orders and are willing to do whatever color scheme you NEED... this goes way beyond just wanting ladies :)  

 flower necklace

Instead of putting a chain on one of mine, I just pinned it on a scarf or purse
$35 without the chain

(on elastic headbands... or plastic)
2 for $20
(can wear as a clip instead of a headband, 
or wear it like my mom likes to wear them... as a broach)

i'll update when our blog/etsy site is up and running :)  
but if you want/NEED one before then, let me know! 

hope you all had a very HOPPY easter! :)  
wow.. i must be tired.. the cheese is just flowing out of me today!