Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Can it really be...

...2 years

This day was perfect
I thought there was no way I could love you more...

then  1 year passed by.. and i loved you so MUCH more...

2 years..
& now I'm realizing I will love you so MUCH more EVERYDAY of my life.
I had a perfect day sweetie. Thank you.

You've seen me the happiest I've ever been...
the saddest..
the maddest..
the most stressed..
the most excited..
the silliest..
the most moody..
the most laid back..
the funniest (which is MOST of the time) ha.
the most fickle (sorry about that one sweetie) ha.
You've seen me in my proudest.. and least proud moments

You know me better than I'd even like to admit..
better than anyone in the world (including myself sometimes)
yet ...

you still love me ... 
You're crazy for that... 
but for that.. 
and for so many other reasons..

I'm ridiculously CRAZY about you...
Jeremy Lance Call.
I love you ..
Happy Anniversary

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

we've been....

To a Indianapolis INDIANS baseball 

Coop Fly'n

It started dizzle'n at the game ....
.... then it RAINED

Then it POURED ...

and we got DRENCHED from head to toe.. and the game was canceled.
but we made it all the way to 
the 6th inning 
.. so..
it was so fun while it lasted! 

We've been to the Indianapolis

Coop got a Dolphin painted on his face
We watched a Dolphin show.. 
Where I come from there are no dolphins at the zoo.. 
(Amanda, Brooke, Ady, Me, Cooper, Cassi, Carter)

We've been..
Celebrate'n the ole 26 for me!
Jeremy got me a...
"Edible Arrangment" 
oh my.. love

Cassi and I's birthdays were only a few days apart.. and she was so sweet to make this DELIGHTFUL/SCRUMPTIOUS cake for both of us.. 
so cute, right?! 
She turned 25, and I turned 26...
the 51 candles, and yes.. 
we lit em all!
holy fire hazard.. 

The office had a lil cake and ice cream get together for me & Cass's birthday. 
Such fun/great people.
Align Left
Can I really be 26 years old? 
Crazy talk. 
This get'n older thing is starting to really bug me.
Jeremy & I heading out to celebrate.

Here's a little treat for you..
**** We had a HAIL storm here about 2 weeks ago that was WICKED!!  The hail was reported to be the size of BASEBALL's!!! They said they haven't had a storm to this magnitude in at least 4 years! We were about a half hour away from our apartments..but one of our cars was here at our apartment (our nicer of the two cars of coarse)... and the hail did a NUMBER on our poor vehicle.. 
Good news:  Insurance will cover all $9000 worth of damage
Bad news: its going to take 2 1/2 weeks to get fixed

could be worse...  thank heavens for insurance.
 Idaho/Utah weather doesn't seem so bad these days ;)  

have a great week friends.