Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mission Prez/ Go Cougs / BFF's reunited!!

Jeremy LOVES his mission president and his wife SOO much, and its not hard to see why!! I remember when we were dating he would go on and on and on about how great they were.. and right when I met them, I knew exactly what all the ranting and raving was about. They are SO GREAT! Since we have been in Provo, we have had the opportunity to hang out and chat with them quite a few times, and its so fun! President Mullen has called Jeremy ever since I have known him just to check in and see how things are going, I think its so awesome that they still carry on that great of a relationship/friendship that long after the misson. They always tell me how Jeremy was "one of the very best," and I believe it, he always talks about his mission as the greatest life-changing experience he could have ever imagined. In a lot of ways, Jeremy just became part of the Mullen family while he was in New York serving, and its fun to see that.

We ran into the Mullens the other night at the grocery store, and a little after we left the store we got a text from them asking us to Sunday dinner... it was so good to see them, its funny... its like I've known them forever. Such wonderful people, and I love that they love my husband so much, and that he loves them back just as much.

Hate this picture of me... but cute of my husband... so I had to post it anyway just to show our COUGAR PRIDE. The game was awesome last Saturday!! HOTTTTT.... but awesome! They killed Wyoming...GO COUGS!! It so fun to see how great they are doing this year. Jeremy bought us both "The Quest" BYU shirts to show our true BLUE pride.

We went to SUNDANCE for a drive and to get a few treats from a yummy Cafe up there the other night.. and drove through the canyon right before the sun went down... if you haven't seen the Provo canyon in the fall.. its a MUST.. the leaves are still in the process of changing.. but its still unbelievable beautiful right now! We love FALL! I wish I would have taken a few pictures of the canyon before it got too dark, I'll do it next time for sure.
You can't see this picture of Jeremy very well.. but he has got a HUGE sucker in his mouth.. these are one of our favorite treats from that Cafe.. us and our candy.. its a joke! Good thing I work for a Dentist Ü (No... Jeremy's nose and forehead are not genetically this fire-engine red.. he got SO burned at the football game earlier that day! Poor guy)

Hold on to your shorts everyone... COLE and KATE are re-united.. and it feels so good.. sing along now!!
Nicole Pasley is one of my VERY best friends from high school, and she and her sister just moved to Provo.. I'm ecstatic about it! She is the cutest girl.. and so talented, check out all some of her paintings under my sidebar "Amazing Work". I LOVE HER TO DEATH. Her mom, Judy, was in town on Monday so I met them for lunch and I felt like I was a teenager again. So fun to have her around, its like I was telling Cole the other day.. its so nice to have a piece of home here in Provo. It really is hard to find true friends that you have that special bond with that you know you will be friends with FOREVER.. and COLE is definitely one of those to me. More like a sister than a friend, because no matter how long its been, we can pick up right where we left off. We shopped all day until Cole's blisters on her feet couldn't allow her to go any longer Ü
Like most of you... My friends and family are my world... the older I get the more I realize that nothing else really matters in this life but the love and relationships we share with people, and of coarse with the Lord.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Friends & Home Sweet Home

Dinner with our cute friends Ryan and Amanda.. and their adorable little girl Alli. We have some of the greatest friends in the world!

We are getting settled in our new place, and constantly working on our WII fitness age Ü.. and I don't mean to be repetitive.. but I love having my husband home more now!!
and just an update on the train... DON'T ASK!! Ü

We went to Idaho Falls/Blackfoot last weekend... yeah!!!
We always have such a FANTABULOUS time with our families (don't you love that word, I laugh every time I say it... and I say it A LOT Ü, Jeremy doesn't think it's near as funny as he did the first thousand times he heard it!)
Anyway.. back to the good stuff...

We got to celebrate ASHTON's 6th birthday with him and the Call fam (Ashton is Jeremy's sister, Lanae's little boy) He made a killing with the gifts and had a fantabulous birthday.. okay I'm laughing as I'm writing because of that word again, but I promise that's the last time I'll use it, I tend to wear things into the ground when I think they are funny Ü

I love this picture of him!! We can all probably remember wanting to throw our arms up and scream as a kid after opening our birthday stash... I love kids for that reason.. no reserve!

This is Jeremy's sister, LANAE... isn't she the cutest! Honestly one of the sweetest girls I've ever met! She has 2 little boys and is now having her first GIRL!!! We are so excited for her... and look how great she looks at 30 weeks! Can't wait to get that sweet KAMRYN here!

Remember my fetish with dogs??? Well.. this is my favorite one!! This is Ruby.. aka... Rubinstein! I was sitting on a long lawn chair last Sunday and got her to jump up there with me, she may have a ridiculous looking broken jaw from getting bit by one of my dads pigs, but she is the cutest thing in the world. Other than the grand kids.. I think I'm the only one that dares touch her with a ten foot pole because she sheds so much.. reeks... may or may not be infested with ticks... and has pig manure stuck to her fur.... BUT I still just can't get enough of her!

Dorothy's right!!..... There's really no place like home!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

This N That

Nothing too exciting been goin on 'round here.. just a quick update...

First of all.. I have to tell my husband how proud I am of him for finishing his 4 th summer of home security summer sales!! For those of you who know anything about summer sales know that not just anyone could stick it out for 4 years. I couldn't be happier to have my husband back.. even though we were lucky enough to have his office in Salt Lake this year, it still felt like I was slighly a widow for the summer, as I'm sure many of you can relate to. This job just takes so much energy, time, commitement, dedication, patience.. on and on... so I'm super excited I can be a bit more selfish with his time now that the summer is over! I'm so proud of him and love that guy SO VERY MUCH! Good job my sweet friend!

A few weekends ago Jeremy and I were trying to decide what to do for the night.... Jeremy got on the computer and googled "things to do in salt lake/provo/orem area"... he made a list of 5 happen'n things going on that night and handed the list to me, and like a little school boy, told me to circle one. I was extremely tempted to circle the option to go see the play "BIG", but saw that he had listed a baseball game as one of the options (his love for baseball and his love for me are in the same category).. so the OREM OWLS baseball game it was! ... what??? .... you've never heard of the OWLS??? .... well neither had we, but now we are OWL fans for life, okay i'm exaggerating, but we had a great time, and just to put a little cherry chip icing on the cake... they even had a little firework show at the end. What more could we ask for... Hotdogs, popcorn, icecream, hamburgers, candy, baseball, and fireworks... heaven all wrapped into one if you ask Jeremy.

I LOVE THIS PICTURE OF HIM.. ohhhh, he makes me grit my teeth he's too cute.
And no.. I'm absolutely not bias! And FYI... I'm not sure he even smiled this big on our wedding day!

Look... I caught a firework in the picture with him!

This next picture is just a preview into how Jeremy and I live our everyday lives.. some call it ghetto, cluttered, white trash, stinky... we like to think of it was enjoying life by not waisting our life away with cleaning and organizing and such.

SICK>>>> none of you better have believed that! Jeremy's the biggest clean FREAK, and I also could never live in this kind of ghetto-ness! We moved into a new condo in Provo.. on the 3rd floor.. call us morons.. because we are! Not to mention the busiest train in the world is 3 blocks from our bedroom window... LOVE IT! Our eyes have been puffy and ruby red since we moved into the place because of the lack of sleep thanks to the thomas the train conductor tooting his horn all night.We moved ALL of our stuff in one day and were up until 4 in the morning cleaning our old place... then we left our new condo just like this picture shows to go to Idaho for the Labor Day weekend! While we were Idaho both of us would go from laughing to almost crying when thinking about what we had to go home to. On a positive note.. it is clean.. organized and almost all decorated now.. so I'll post an updated picture with more optimistic thoughts... unless by that time I'm forced into an insane asylum because of that freak'n train!

No... you have my word that I won't post pictures of flowers every time Jeremy gets them for me!! I'm a cheesehead, but not that bad thank heavens! I know I posted a picture of some on my last post... but this batch was too gorgeous not to share. I had never seen orange roses! This picture doesn't do them justice.. beautiful!
......and the reason I got them is even better...... I was shopping in Idaho Falls with my sisters and Jeremy told me he would meet me in town after he packed up all our stuff and we could just leave for Provo after we were done shoppin. We get to Provo and I'm frantically digging through my stuff to find my make-up and hair products.. not to be found. Yup.. left it in Idaho. Honest mistake.. and nice of him to even pack all our stuff up... but he felt horrible and ran to the store to get me these to apologize.