Sunday, June 5, 2011

mumbo jumbo

i know i've been posting a lot of picture with my girlfriends lately..
and i promise i don't neglect my little family to fend for themselves to "live the dream" with my girls
but they are pretty fantastic.. and our girls nights are so refreshing..
literally refreshing this last week!

We had a spa night, gave each other facials, meditated, and of course ATE :)

i know, don't be jealous, you've never seen me look better.
what do you think.. is green my color?

germ, d, and i went for a hike yesterday and weren't a bit disappointed in our hard work for this view...
not to mention this view.. this little guy flew RIGHT over my head.. probably only about 10-15 feet above me.
why do hikes make you feel like you NEED to strike a yoga pose? okay, maybe thats just me.

London on Memorial Day at the beach.