Thursday, September 30, 2010


well. i don't know if you call what we've been doing surfing..
but we're givin it a go for sure

i got germ a surf board for an early bday present 
and we are both already addicted!
even though we are horrid

and we've both gotten up on SMALL waves quite a few times



and kristen and i went for a 5:30A.M surf lesson from michele

she's AMAZING!!
and kristen helped me a ton too

(don't act like our boards give away who the rookies are, 
i know you can't tell!) 
michele, me, kristen

and this blue-eyed girlfriend goes with germ and i, and we just take turns watching her while the other surfs..

and this is how she rolls while i clean the house.. she lOVES her bouncer

random pictures below.. but the scenery is so different here than anything i'm use to.. 
so i have to capture some of the goods and share of course.
bare with me.. still no photoshop...
i'm working on it :)

my favorite flower!! birds of paradise. 

and there is NOTHING she loves more than a good long walk in her baby bjorn.. 
perma grin

 grandma and grandpa call are on their way as we speak!! 

have a superb weekend :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

so blessed

one of those days where i just can't get enough of these two.
can't hold either one of them long enough.
can't help but tear up just thinking about them and how blessed I am.

i have been following a couple that lost their little girl, Preslee, in a drowning accident this summer.
 complete strangers, but I feel like i know them personally. 
i could only hope i would have half the strength, courage, hope, and faith they have had throughout this unimaginable trial. 

once you have a child, you are connected to all those who also have children because of that bond you share as mother/father/child. its indescribable, but doesn't have to be described because you FEEL it more than you have ever felt anything. it's so not "of this world".

my heart aches, my soul aches for them.
i pray for them so often. 
and i'm so incredibly grateful that this life is not the end.
i can't think of a sadder thought than only having a lifetime with my sweet friends.

i couldn't put london down today
even when she was sleeping i had to go get her,
 to kiss her, squeeze her, stare at her..  take it all in.  every SECOND is a gift. 

squeeze you're little friends.. 
and you're big friends a little tighter.
i know i will.
there is NOTHING more important than the sweet relationships and bonds we have with each other... those bonds will last far long than we can even comprehend. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

4 months & Idaho

We just got back from IDAHO. 

yes yes.. we JUST moved from there 1 MONTH ago,
but who could miss the IDAHO STATE FAIR?! 
not us!!! no way, no how.

ok, please tell me you didn't believe we went home for the carnies?! 

Germ actually had to go to Utah and Idaho for a few days for business, 
so D and I tagged along. 
I don't know why my family and I ever have sad, blistering red eye tear good-byes .. because its never that long between re-unitings with us, no matter where we go/live.  

As always, it was fun seeing our families, and just a little cherry on top that we got to hit up some good ole fair.  

we got to meet our newest and sweetest nephew,
congrats guys, he's edible. 

stopped in for a little visit to see gma huls.
she's always so so SO very excited to see London. 
and London is equally as excited to see her, she didn't stop smiling the whole time gma was holding her.  

London was pretty naughty with the Calls this weekend, 
and that's an understatement. 
But, fun to see them.. and we can't wait to see them when they come visit at the end of this month!! 

and of coarse had to kiss these cheeks lots 
SIM! love my squirrel 

love nat. miss her and lace terribly (and i miss rub "stoone")

this picture gives you a glimpse into these babes personalities.
london trying desperately to escape, while macy is snug as a bug.
probably one of the sweetest faces there has ever been. 

good to see you chels! can't wait to play here in CA this weekend :)
fair food = delicious = rotten stomach from grease = worth it

i have NO IDEA how to use my camera, haven't taken the time to learn really.
don't have photoshop.
this little girl NEEDS some updated professional pictures
these will have to do for now, until one of you want to come to CA and capture this little girls delicious-ness.

4 months!!!!
i could go on and on about how yummy D is, but i'll spare you for now. 
all i know is this whole motherhood thing is 
for sure my "calling" in life in every sense of the word.
LOVE my durl.

hope you all had a great labor day. 

9-11 always brings a flood of emotions.
WARNING: be prepared to bawl your eyes out

a HUGE thanks to our troops and their families. 
and always a prayer to keep them safe.