Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's SWEET to be 1

She's 1!!!!!!
Can't believe it.

and we had a sweet time celebrating.. 

There are a few bare spots on the table because I got these pictures before the cupcakes and 
fruit shish kabobs were out! darn it.
big thanks to shelley from for the inspiration!!

We had a yogurt/fruit/granola bar to try to offset the sweet overload.

ginormous THANKS to Courtney for helping me pull this off. she kept me sane and organized :)

Like most kids, London's FAVORITE thing in the world is to be outside just playing..
so we took her to the beach and played on the grass for a couple of hours with her and she was in heaven. She taking TONS of steps on her own.. pretty much walking these days. 
I just can't believe how in love with her I am. It almost hurts :) 

We couldn't be more lucky to have the friends that we have. They really are our family here.. and treat London like she is their own. We love them all, and feel so blessed to call EACH of them our friends.

We played "london bridges falling down".. aka.. Limbo to a little Fergie music :)

I also took a picture of everyone who was at the party and had them write a note to London and I'm going to print their picture and put it next to their note so she can look back and know who was at her party and know how much she was loved. 

Jeremy and I were talking the other night and decided that, hands down, this has been the best year of our lives. Incredible how such a small person can bring such an enormous amount of joy and happiness into our lives. She is the happiest little girl (besides her newly found fit throwing she has decided to pick up lately). I love her more everyday, and just can't believe she's OURS. 

Happy Birthday sweet little friend.
We love you London! 


Jessica said...

Kate, you are such a cute (and amazing) mom! I love the candy themed bday for D! So precious! Wish I could have celebrated... I can't even believe she's 1 already. Time flies! London is a lucky lil girlie! Miss you! xo

Brandon, Rachelle and Samantha said...

So precious, Kate. I love the one of her walking on the beach! You did an amazing job on the party. It is charming. Glad you have so many wonderful friends to celebrate with you.

Judy said...

Wow those blue eyes are stunning!!!!! She is beautiful and wow what a party. I love the little girlfriend sign on the table:} Love you Kate

Erin said...

Oh, just wait until she turns two... Then, the fit throwing goes into overdrive! Its like a switch gets flipped... :)

tonya said...

how adorable was that!? so cute! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LONDON!

Molly Hartzell said...

Such a prefect party for a darling little girl! Love the photos! Funny, I made B a onezie a few weeks ago for her to wear on her birthday that is almost identical to London's. Good taste! :)

Cassi said...

Holy Schmoly! I can't get over the cuteness of it all!!! Seriously, wished I could have come to this just to see it all in person. Happy Birthday little girl! Miss you guys!

Burdick Family said...

How fun and creative you are! Everything looked so perfect. London is a little sweetie:) We are coming to Oceanside/San Diego next week on a family vacation to celebrate Jim's graduation. I can't wait to enjoy the beautiful beaches and weather that you get to every day!

VicandNanc said...

She is CUTE! I love her curly hair & blue eyes... and your party looks to die for! I thoroughly appreciate every detail as I know how long those things take!! Good job, it all looks adorable :)

jessie said...

Oh my goodness Kate! London is so lucky to have such an awesome momma like you! The party looks like it went off without a hitch! (and it's so darling too)

Happy Birthday Miss London! You are definitely very loved!

Andrew and Shandee said...

Katie-You could be a wedding planner/the next Martha Stewart (with lots better ethics of course). Wow! You are so amazingly talented. Congrats. I think the party was a hit.

Andrew and Shandee said...

Wow. You are sooooooooooo talented. The party looks like it was a hit. I know who to call now when I need party ideas.

Christie said...


Hay and J said...

Sooo cute Katie!! Your amazing!! Happy be-lated birthday London!! From your friend Sammy!