Friday, March 30, 2012

my mom

just simply the greatest friend in the world.

(don't they kinda look alike?!  people say that when we are out and about all the time!)

call it raging pregnancy hormones, but it was EXTRA hard to say goodbye to her this time. she is the easiest/funnest person to have around.. if you don't believe me ask my daughter who is absolutely in love with her. 
i already said this on facebook.. but she really is just a breath of fresh air! 
   its a good thing i get to see you in about a month, mom... or i might have to be put on meds. 
miss you terribly already. 
 love love love


Judy said...

So fun. Love the pic

Alli @ Cupcake Diaries said...

Such a cute picture! Those two really do look alike. And I feel your pain!! It's so hard saying goodbye to the mamas. They're simply the best. I just said goodbye to mine today for about six weeks and I cried and cried. And it's true, the pregnancy hormones don't help! Thank goodness for moms. :)

The Dooley Family said...

They totally look alike! What a sweet photo.